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  • megaweenieman

    I know you’re doing your job but it might be useful for you to include a link to the forum rules when you warn someone 👍

  • mmain

    I would like some clarification on a warning message I received. Someone commented on a thread by basically saying anyone that disagreed with them was.... and proceeded to use a couple of different names.

    I commented to them and let them know that using ad hominem attacks by calling people #[email protected]!$ and #@# was not an effective debate strategy.

    Despite the fact neither of the words were curse words I was told I bypassed the profanity filter. I don't know how I bypassed using profanity when none of the words I used were profanity plus I wouldn't know how to bypass the filter. I'm not that tech savvy.

    I was also told I called people names. I literally called the other person out for calling names. I didn't call him a name in return. Yes, I copied and pasted the names he used as reference for what he said but I didn't direct those names at him.

    Anyway, I was accused of using profanity, which I didn't. I was accused of bypassing the profanity filter, which I didn't and wouldn't begin to know how if I even wanted to do so. I was accused of calling people names when I was literally calling someone else out for calling names.

    The warning seems to be a completely misguided take on the situation and unjustified from beginning to end.

    • MandyTalk
      What you did was alter the word - you don't need to be tech savy to do that, and that's the very definition of bypassing our profanity filter.
    • mmain
      I didn't alter any words. I copied and pasted the things the person I was responding to said. But at least I understand what that is referring to now. I assume you mean the word that starts with R. I don't consider that profanity, but at least I know it is considered that here now. I would never use it on my own, and I know now not to use it here even to call someone else out for it.

      I still find it ridiculous I was accused of calling people names when I didn't and that I was warned for literally telling someone that calling names isn't acceptable. But if I've learned anything about participating in forums it's that rules are always way over zealously applied.
    • FearedbytheGods
      Oh wow, came here to ask a similar question but looks like I already have my answer -.-
  • ninjun


    You locked my thread about an issue for "discussing the ban". I was not discussing anything, just trying to find out if I'm banned and if a chargeback is a viable option.

  • yikers

    Why did you lock the thread ?

    These guys obviously lied and anyone can check the threads and timestamps on the comments, then you dont give others a way to shine a light on the truth ?

    • MandyTalk
      Because there was absolutely no discussion happening there, it was purely going to turn argumentative due to your initial post.
  • thesuicidefox

    Thank you. I'm trying very hard here 😇

    • MandyTalk
      I can see that, and I appreciate it...and your calmness in dealing with it. I agree with your idea - I really do think this needs to be made clearer, we get a lot of threads about it, so to me that shows there's a problem.
  • Lyro92

    I need to talk to you about a post you shut down when it broke no rules and was a legitimate open discussion. There were no reasons to shut it down, and everything you mentioned I already mentioned in the post. This begs the question, did you even read it?

    • MandyTalk
      I read it all fully and replied on that thread - I think insulting the developers and implying that they are stealing is in direct conflict with our rules and I applied the rules of our forum accordingly and pointed out where you were wrong in my reply.
    • Lyro92
      I'm sorry to tell you this, but you're wrong. I have the right to feel how I do about anyone first of all, second, when they laid something out as being exclusive and then give that away it is stealing. I paid BHVR money which i have a receipt to and lost everything that was promised, that is stealing. If you don't think the developers are thieves because of that, you're entitled to your opinion and are open to leave your own comment freely. However, shutting down a post that doesn't break any rules is wrong. List for me which rule I broke specifically, I went back through them myself. You may not liked what I posted, but if it doesn't break any rules it's fair game as a discussion. Also every point you made in the closed comment were all countered in the forum post itself, so no it doesn't seem like you did read it.
    • Lyro92
      Oh, and as far as posting it to Deathgarden forums instead. This is a post towards BHVR not the one game specifically, and that game is being shut down. More of the problems I have in this post are towards DBD not Deathgarden, and some of the points are linked, such as the Meg mask. So no, it doesn't belong on the other forums.
    • Lyro92
      If you can not give me a specific rule that is broken and how so that I can edit my post and have it be on it's way then I request for it to be re-opened. If you want me to edit part of it I can. However, I will not just have my post silenced because it's not fully positive. There are a lot of points in it that BHVR need to answer to, one big one is the bug that they refuse to acknowledge. What you think is a lie or not, that exists and I want answers as to why they sweep it under the rug.
  • FlamingkittyUmad

    There is some heavy thread derailment/ trolling going on in my thread, would you kindly help out? Thank you.

  • Stompa

    greetings, i would like to have the form of bhvr digital inc to get a copy of all data what are collected about me on forums and on my game account.

    since your moderators pointed here i am asking a second time to get the form and the data involved withing the legal deadline.

    • MandyTalk
      For all types of information requests you need to contact Support directly not via a forum -
  • snowflake102

    @MandyTalk can you plz change my username to snowflake102 plz?

  • Netharon

    Mandy I was not able to find an option to PM you here. I get an error contacting you on Steam. Can you please reach out to me on Steam to assist me with a problem?

  • AutoOP

    It's been over a week and I still don't have my issues resolved, can you please take a look at my forum posts and comments, they are all directly related to the archive bug.

    • MandyTalk
      I have no further information I'm afraid, the issue is being looked at internally - but as of yet, there's no update.
    • AutoOP
      Appreciate the reply Mandy, hopefully there is something done soon, it's really daunting as I am a new player to DbD and this is what I see as a, major issue.

      Thanks again.
  • Aceonfire

    How is your profanity filter, when you quote someone, still broken after all this time? I reported months and months ago.

    I was gonna reply to a thread regarding racism, and your quotes would have just let it be posted without working.

    Do you guys want some referrals for a proper forums platform or programmers? Whoever is doing your forum programming, is simply not qualified.

  • TheHoodiedOne

    I should have changed my username after I changed my xbox gamertag

    Would you kindly change my username to "TheHoodiedOne" please?

  • Rygo


    I have still promblem with steam offline...I do all tips for fix that , but it's not working...please help me


  • Masantonio

    I just wanted to quickly follow up on the badge glitch I had by saying @TheHoodedOne also experienced the glitch by getting the 8th upvote badge before the 5th.

    I hope this doesn't sound annoying 😅

    • MandyTalk
      The forums have new "features" - lol
  • Mister_xD

    hey there,

    i have a question regarding one of my older discussions and since i didnt really know where to ask, i though it'd do it this way, as its a little more private here.

    so basically, a couple of days ago i received the notification that someone has commented on one of my old discussions (referring to this one: and when i went there to check it out, the comment had been removed and the discussion was closed.

    i would just like to know why the whole thing got closed, as i have not received any information on that matter up until now.

    also, a bug i noticed aswell was, that the responses of Peanits do not count towards my "BHVR Read" count and the discussions are also missing the "Dev / Communitymanager" tag they usually get. instead they have the "Mod" tag, as Peanits was labeled as "Mod" at the time he answered it, instead of "Dev".

    again, i apologize if this way of messaging you is incorrect. if so, please tell me how i should do it next time so i can do it properly then! :)

    thank you in advance!