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Just a simple guy doing simple things, my hobbies include breaking your ankles, giving 28 stab wounds, t-bagging you while you're hanging, and eating cold dirt. I'm a generallychill dude, but time spent here has gotten me pretty jaded and somewhat cynical. Nonetheless I'll try to be as friendly as possible unless you get on my nerves. #WeareLegion #JusticeforLegion #Therecanonlybeonestalkyboi #Feltcutemightdeletelater




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  • Detective_Jonathan

    Oh trust me it would take some time, but i will find out who you really are. Mark my words.

    (Yea, i won't be back probably until the beginning of the 2020, hopefully by then i'll be living in my own place and such, i do have to say though that i feel a whole lot better since taking the time to take a break from the game, my Mentality is no longer negative and i feel great and healthy, now does this excuse what the streamers and Fog Whisperers have done to me? Not one bit, but i will not be going out of my way to expose them unless they come after me, and if something like that does happen, then that just shows who the bigger person is.

    Hope everything is all and well with you and i hope to be back soon at some point. God Bless :) <3 )

    Now get back to work, i am pretty sure The Entity doesn't like to be kept waiting for her food.

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    • Nikkiwhat
      Tempted to change mine to a Ghost Face perk....exicted to pour my 1 Million BPs into em and play him when I get home!
    • Nikkiwhat
      *whooshes* Yeh...changed it. Even if Legion, Pig and Myers are still tied as my fav. Susie Legion was my BP earner for the DBL BP Event tho!
    Hello, I want to hear your opinion!

    Legion is definitely not a top tier killer, but at the same time, he's not as bad as others are saying he is. Nevertheless, I have some suggestions to buffing Legion while keeping his fun factor for survivors.

    Legion: Base Feral Frenzy
    • Gain a stackable 0.25m/s movement speed increase per FF hit. Movement speed increase is lost once FF ends.
    • Once survivors start mending, they cannot stop mending until it's finished.
    • Regardless if the survivor is in the killer's TR, their DW meter will deplete if they are performing an action that has a progress bar (exception: Mending). This includes stuff like repairing, cleansing, searching, sabotaging, unhooking, healing, and opening.

    Legion: Add-ons
    • Pinhead add-ons will now take effect on all FF hits rather than FF hits that are on DW survivors.
    • Pinhead add-ons time are extended by 50%.

    What do you think?

  • ShrekIsHot

    Not sure where I found this guy but he seems cool, pretty legit.

  • Nikkiwhat

    Thanks for the mark :3. Thematically Legion is a top fav of mine, esp with Susie. Had a really bad match followed by the best match ever xD got a 5 stack Devour Hope and managed to Mori kill everyone and finally get the Trophy "Blood on Your Face". Was immensely satisfying with one of the most satisfying Mori kills.

    I did feel a lil sorry the last Survivor begged for my mercy (I had closed the Hatch and caught em at an exit gate at a quarter of EGC timer. Which made the Mori even more thematic xD

    • Shad03
      No prob, and same here.
      I got all the blood trophies with the Trapper.
  • Nikkiwhat


    For a fellow Legion player