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  • Can't agree with you. Infectious has a very clear counter which is to not cluster around Nurse's TR. Infectious is especially good against altruistic survivors who like to stand in killer's face.
  • Franklin's is on my basekit Nurse. That's my standard build.
  • Also: devs, can we talk about perk variance?
  • This is not necessary. The current MMR system and matchmaking algorithm just sucks. BHVR recuses to implement a Glicko-2 based MMR system that every serious competitive game uses and keep matching Rank 1 players with Rank 20 players somehow. (!?) I …
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  • Some mistakes were made while writing post above cause I'm tired, but I hope you'll understand.
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  • I've removed shadowborn from my build since Hexy's Tournament because we're shown that the best Nurses in the world thought it's a dead perk once you master The Nurse. It's very hard to play in the beginning and make sure you're using a skin where N…
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  • I don't know. I think I have something around to 20M-30M BP spent on her right now... But still, I don't have that many, Umbra has at least 1000 Moris stored.
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  • "MoRiS ArE BaLaNcEd BeCaUsE tHeY ArE rArE" Game designer clearly sucks.
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  • Survivor, 9.5/10, I've been playing for some time and chasing me often results in match lost. The -0.5 is because I'm too greedy and often need DH to gain distance. Killer, 9/10. Putting that because it's probably my accuracy when hitting using Nurs…
  • Do not forget that green itens weren't allowed and only 2 of the same perks per team. A team of 4 DH, BT/UN/DS against a nurse is very strong which means that on this tournament, survivors were playing while nerfed badly and still won most of the ti…
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  • LMAO he deleted that comment. Scott is so right. Get rekt.
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  • See this discussion: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/comment/1601929#Comment_1601929
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  • All team Agony played very godly.
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  • Forgot to say, FingerGuns is a GOD. Do anyone knows if he/she streams?
  • IS A F JOKE @ClickyClicky They reseted a match because the team (who was clearly losing very hard with 5 gens and 1 dead) claimed a bug happened although there's no history of this bug on history of DbD WHILE giving a win for the same team ignoring…
  • I'm mostly playing later in the night not on weekends, 3am-6am, so I go against only PC players 9/10 of my matches, with 19/20 of them with thousand of hours, and being currently on rank 1 just makes that harder, because I do play on SA servers and …
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  • @JawsIsTheNextKiller I'm having the same problem. The problem is excessive GPU usage that is causing GPU overheating. I have liquid cooling system for my computer with more than 14 fans (for OC) and everytime I'm on menu all fans go wild. I made a v…
  • @Vesedon Can you check if you're having the same problem as me with the Task Manager? https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/190443/something-is-leaking-for-sure
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  • There're several posts on forum right now complaining about excessive GPU usage while on menu. Are your Xbox fans max speed and GPU temperature very high? Normally devices shut down in order to prevent core damage caused by overheating.
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  • Survivor Perk Build: DH, OoO, Iron Will, DS Item + Add-ons: none Why these things: I like to buy time for my team to gens and OoO is usually the best way to incite the killer to chase you. Most of the time I play immersed my team dies on 30s of loop…
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  • As I said, I tried that. He escaped and run straight to the corner. Some survivors are a really pain in the ass. Thanks god I had something to eat while waiting...
  • The Game should have so many Saw references. We could have 2/3 rooms for every Saw movie! Rooms recreation full of references! But what do we have? 😔
  • I think they should keep realm selection out of offerings since it's not fair for the killer (survivors can do x4, killer can do x1 - survivors can do and can negate killer same time, killer can't do and negate same time). Creating a voting system f…
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  • Realms! There are 15 different realms currently. I think banning 5 of them would let a pool of 10 to choose from, which is, in my judgement, enough diversity. You're right about the different locations of a realm being called a map.
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  • I think realms ( https://deadbydaylight.gamepedia.com/Realms ) are the correct term. Maps ( https://deadbydaylight.gamepedia.com/Maps ) means the item.
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  • There's no problem on letting survivors bleed out. It's not considered holding the game hostage because survivors WILL bleed out and the game will eventually end.
  • NOED doesn't work while Oni is on Blood Fury. You receive a NOED notification but you can't go from Healthy to Dying State if the killer M1.
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  • I love when spirit says AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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  • Many things need to happen in order for you to get soul guard value. Firstly you need to slug. Slugging means you're putting pressure on 2 survivors at same time, 1 on the ground 1 is being chased. If you down the 2nd survivor, you can 1. keep slugg…
  • They can be very overpowered if the survivors know how to play which isn't the case of most of people being carried by a micro pp build. I just played against these sweties and they got so wrecked that I only used my mori on last hook. Perfect game.