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  • Yo buddy, just because your beloved Ghostface has a broken mechanic, you dont need to insult those who call him out.

    Get a thicker skin or u better leave the internet :D

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  • dont_ask_me_again

    I just want to say with regards to the other day... I respect You and a lot of what you say... I will defend you if I think you’re right and I felt that I needed to be sure of making an emotionally drive on my posts to spur up some change people were asking for.

    I don’t hate anyone here, I probably have Aspergers to some degree (I find that a lot of people have a mildness atleast) that doesn’t fully blind me to how others think but felt not every perspective was being heard at the time.

    Gladly devs have said they are examining the game without ruin meaning toolboxes and gens could see changes which yeah I want to defend the killers that play the game.

    I hope you can see it all comes from a good place... I think you’re a nice person.

    I don’t want to be socially anxious trying to help people and also don’t want to upset people... and it’s hard to ever not do something there.

    Remember people tend to remember the negative things over the positives so do hope you don’t let it outweigh you and stay positive after any discussion you have.

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  • Hello. I want to ask you guys at Behavior to add in a 2 killer vs 8 survivor mode with bigger maps, team killer perks like killers bond (similar to bond from Dwight), double the amount of hooks, faster healing speeds for survivors, and maybe 4 hooks instead of 3 hooks for a kill. Please add this in for some spice to the game

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  • BlueFang

    Wait a minute!

    If your BHVR then why does the site say you've only read your posts 4 times, despite making 4.7k comments?


    • Fibijean
      This might be just a joke and you already know this, but just in case, BHVR read isn't actually for when devs view posts, it's more like a tag that they manually apply to a post to show that they've read it, a bit like an upvote.
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  • Mister_Holdout

    I'm quite surprised by this. I've never seen you be hostile toward anyone.

    Must be a misunderstanding.

    11 янв
    • SpaceCoconut
      The term "Willfully Ignorant" is insulting according to a mod. They don't seem to understand that it's actually a legal term in the US.
    • T4ank3d
      You will find many similarities between the developers and the figureheads they select to represent them. I have . . . heard of members being banned for using terms such as ignorant in any fashion.

      You will find two moderators are so spineless, thin skinned and adolescent minded they can find someone disagreeing with another insulting.

      The limits of what is insulting to those two mods is simply left to their imagination and however they're feeling that day. These moderators answer to no one. They have the ability, not responsibility to moderate.

      It means a great deal to have someone who's fair and speaks true of how the developers are handling their game. Unfortunately, their lapdogs will strike at the slightest misstep in order to remove your voice from these forums.

      . . .

      Though if one was so inclined they can easily find themselves posting once again within minutes. Of course such is not 'tolerated' yet unenforceable.

      Great to have you on these forums SC!
  • it has been 233 days since the last outfit given to Adam

  • This victim complex of some killers is starting to get really tiring.

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  • Masantonio

    I'll bail 💵

    16 янв
  • Magma

    bonjour, cette perk existe t'elle?

    16 янв
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