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New Survivor- Anton Gorodetsky (Антон Городецкий) by book and film "Night Watch"

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Anton Gorodetsky

  • (Light Mage) - The main character of Night Watch and the two movies, a main or major character in the rest of the stories (except Unauthorised Personnel Permitted) and the narrator of the tetralogy (sans Day Watch). A reluctant member of the Night Watch. In the beginning of the first book he prefers mundane, technical jobs to actual field work, initially supervising the Night Watch's IT department. The events of the series force him to step up and become a full-fledged operative. He eventually becomes an extremely powerful magician. Over time, he becomes considerably more cynical about the cause of Light Others. His favorite pastime is listening to custom mini-discs. In the novels, he uses the randomized playback feature of his player in much the same way a Taoist might throw stones to gain a rough idea of the future, for example an ominous song implying upcoming danger. Having discovered his powers 7 years (12 in the movies) prior to the series' beginning, he starts off as a relatively weak mage, only to discover unsuspected potential as time passes by, becoming a second level mage and then, affected by the Fuaran ritual, a mage Beyond Classification. Possesses a pistol with silver bullets for protection from vampires and werewolvesDay Watch (Movie): as he uses the Chalk of Fate to rewind time and corrects his biggest mistake, he becomes human without any powers or recollections of the Others.

  • https://sovietmoviesonline.com/ru/fantasy/54-nochnoy-dozor.html (First movie is here)

I hope that the essence will interest Anton Gorodetsky :)


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    Guten tag, die idee ist gut.

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    отредактировано октября 2019

    Ты ошибся форумом, но идею я поддерживаю.

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