Got permission from Anu Patten (https://www.artstation.com/anupatten) to use their excellent artwork as my avatar here!

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  • TwinnedHawks8772

    Hello, I would like to ask has there been any change in the opinion of the BHVR team about the fairness of colorblind settings? I have a friend who is colorblind who has played this game for almost two years, yet he has never surpassed brown ranks as killer, and I know he's not the only one of at least hundreds or thousands of players who have their experiences ruined because of the lack of colorblind settings. Your team has already voiced its opinion that colorblind settings would be unfair, yet I see no lack of fairness in allowing people to see things like auras and scratch marks that are designed to be easily visible, which is obvious by the fact they are both a bright red on top of the greys and greens of this game. Allowing more people to see the parts of this game that are already meant to be shown to and easily seen by everyone in this game would definitely improve their individual experiences, and it would also improve the community's opinion of BHVR as a whole.

    Just something to consider to improve player's experiences, thank you for reading this far!

    Декабрь 2020
    • Zagrid
      We do really need colorblind settings.
    • Almo
      This request is well-known. Telling me again doesn't help.
    • Zagrid
      It is really hard to tell if the devs/higher ups have heard the complaints about there being no colorblind settings without some kind of official response to it. Other than this one here, no dev or even mod has even responded to the colorblind issue from what I have seen. Some kind of forum post/tweet saying "We here you and changes are coming" would be better than just radio silence for the most part.
  • GoobyNugget

    Heya, I just wanna let you know you shouldn't feel down about everyones nasty comments, i'm sure they don't really mean to hurt your feelings, atleast, I hope that's not their intention. We just want to give you constructive criticism, however some people take it too far and I understand that.

    Thank you for reading this comment, and thank you for not just giving up, we know you can do better!

    9 фев
  • Liqhtninq

    This forum must be quite overwhelming at times but there are plenty of people out there not on here enjoying the game :) hope you keep interacting with the community and find some useful ideas and feedback amidst the nonsense haha!

    21 янв
  • JimboMason


    A few days ago, I made a post asking why you focused on statistics, and you responded in a reasonable and respectful manner, yet, in recent days, this post has gained some attention, and some individuals have been very malicious towards your response. I want to apologize as to how bad and toxic my post has gotten, and that I did not intent for my post to have any sort of malicious intent, just some frustration and curiousity. I may have not meant to cause such toxicity, but even so, I should have been more mindful as to what I was typing, and I am sorry Almo.

    18 янв
    • Almo
      Apology accepted. Also, I don't think you're responsible for how nasty other people have been.
  • Almo
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    10 янв