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  • vladspellbinder

    Hey, I was reading the latest (as of this comment) NOED thread and saw you said you had each totem spot memorized. Have you ever considered making annotated images of the maps where the totems spawn? Because I keep looking for such things to help me work on remembering where the spawn locations are but I've never been able to find any.

    I know each map has various levels of randomness to it but any sort of guide on finding the totems other than just what Perks help would be great.

    9 фев
    • Dustin
      Hi there - I'm not sure I have time to make a guide as I'm busy with freelance work often and managing some other things. However for the most part I took the time to learn them originally when I was doing the "Deep Cleansing - Cleanse 100 HEX Totems" achievement. I'd resort to having a friend spawn as a survivor in KYF and I'd equip as many hex perks as I could to see them on the map as killer and I'd memorize them. I did this for quite a while until I knew all the spots. Now when a new map is released or a realm is reworked I take the time to do this. The one thing I'd tell you to keep in mind about totem spawns is don't remember the location itself on the map but just remember the type of tile the totem spawned on. For the most part they're very predictable. When I'm doing objectives on the map I generally search the middle first to get the hardest totems out of the way since that's likely an area the killer will pass through while patrolling. Afterwards I do a rotation around the map as I do objectives and cleanse any totem I see along the way.
      I'm not sure if this helps at all but best of luck in learning the totem spawns.

      One extra bit of advice I'd have is BHVR has recently gotten better at placing totems for the most part. A pattern however to pick up on is they tend to have a small little nook you walk into and a totem is sometimes hidden around in a corner or underneath something. This is very apparent with Lery's for example where you'll often find totems tucked underneath tiny little containers.
  • Dustin
    You’re practically family.
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  • Dustin


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  • Dustin
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