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  • madminer95
    28 фев
  • JackyAnsa

    Losing pips with 26k points while all emblems are gold/red.

    The ranking system is broken, again. I lost 5 pips and I didn't earn some..playing is becoming frustrating, especially when the pip bar shows that you earned a pip and than this pip magically disappears. Also, in some matches the emblem "unbroken" is completely absent, even tho I escaped, causing me a great degrade in my rank.

    Can you please help me with this?

    14 фев
    • ClearedtoLand28
      I’m having the same issue. Clearly got past the safety pip but still lost one.
    • Gay Myers (Luzi)
      Gay Myers (Luzi)
      This is known. The pip bugs should be fixed with the upcoming hotfix patch.
  • maya1007

    hello, i'm a cosplayer and I want to have information about the use of the music of the game.

    There is a small cosplay video contest in my contry and I want to know if it's possible to use the music of the game in our fanvideo.

    Best Regards

    17 фев
  • Another_LegionMain

    Hi I'm a PS4 player and I have feedback on the new HUD:

    I hate it. Why is it so spaced out? Why must we look at the top to see how many gens are left because we could walk past a survivor! Why are the timers red on a slightly lighter red background? Why do survivors turn red which is hard to see? I'm not colour blind but you really need to learn how red works....

    Please revert it.

    10 фев
  • Dbdlooper

    Will South african servers be added soon because AWS servers is in south africa and i still see no low ping so i just wanna know will be getting african servers soon? aka south african servers

    23 янв
  • Yours3lf

    Is the new patch out? Is it PTR? Im still on 4.4.2

    11 янв
  • FireBow1709

    Cold Wind Farm has a glitch totem problem where I can’t cleanse it. The area is at the tractor wheel spawn. Can you fix this please

    4 янв
    • Rizzo90
      It's a known issue, in the future when you want to report a bug, please check the bug report section (https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/categories/bugs) to see if it has been reported already and upvote it, otherwise open a new report following the guidelines.
    • FireBow1709