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  • There's no guarantee they'll get a skillcheck even if you surprised them with your perk combo. They could be merely a couple of seconds away from fully healing up.
    Раздел: Stupid, stupid ghostface idea Комментарий от Canas 19 июл
  • Why would you bother doing that if you can simply down that person by sneaking up to them while seeing their aura with Nurse's Calling? Why waste your own time by making them mess up their skillcheck just to immediately start another chase?
    Раздел: Stupid, stupid ghostface idea Комментарий от Canas 19 июл
  • This. This is what you need to bring the horror back into the game.
    Раздел: What's Needed to Bring the Horror Back to DBD Комментарий от Canas 19 июл
  • She's the worst stealth killer in the game, she literally gives away her presence by having a lullaby. Now that's just plain ridiculous. Remove that nonsense, also get rid of global notification sounds which tell everyone that she's actually using her power. How the heck is she supposed to sneak up to ANYONE if she has…
    Раздел: Sadako is doing very badly at the moment Комментарий от Canas 19 июл
  • I'm curious, how many perk tiers do you need to own to get to p3? I'd like to count them, just to be safe.
    Раздел: Are you prepared for the prestige update? Комментарий от Canas 18 июл
  • I'd like to see a RE or SH tome seeing how their license holders are eager to cooperate with BHVR when it comes to skins and further releases. As a tome cosmetic I could easily imagine a battle-damaged Nemesis skin or his fully wrapped up version from the intro of the game.
    Раздел: No new tome teaser yet? Who is it going to be? Комментарий от Canas 10 июл
  • I didn't know people can get addicted to pain and misery. I guess everyone here has a little cenobite inside of them.
    Раздел: Why would you play if you're not having fun? Комментарий от Canas 9 июл
  • Then how about exhausting her if she decides to "noclip"? It would immediately end her chain of blinks and still get rid of these busted hits through walls. This is without a doubt the most frustrating part about this killer, her ability to flatout ignore/bypass map structures.
    Раздел: A simple change to immediately balance Nurse. Комментарий от Canas 9 июл
  • What about Billy on Lery's? His chainsaw is basically unusable on that map due to the large number of vaults, walls and obstacles on the map.
    Раздел: A simple change to immediately balance Nurse. Комментарий от Canas 9 июл
  • And why should she be able to dominate on all maps? Take the chainsaw killers for instance, they're differently restricted by indoor maps as well. Killers are bound to have maps which they suck or perform well on, what's so bad about that?
    Раздел: A simple change to immediately balance Nurse. Комментарий от Canas 9 июл
  • The difference between her and Blight would be that the former could freely jump to a survivor while the latter needs to set up a bounce path to actually get to the survivor. Very different playstyles.
    Раздел: A simple change to immediately balance Nurse. Комментарий от Canas 9 июл
  • And why do you think so? Would you still consider her too strong?
    Раздел: A simple change to immediately balance Nurse. Комментарий от Canas 9 июл
  • I wonder when they/Peanits or anyone else will finally respond to the reworked statsheet. Still no official word from them.
  • Wait, you'd really consider it too strong even with a two minute timer? Just consider this: Corrupt Intervention restricts survivors to work on 4 gens, my version of Ruin at least wouldn't have that handicap and it'd merely reward the killer for chasing survivors off gens for the first two minutes of the game. Meanwhile…
  • You know what I'd really like to see for endgame? A perk which blocks off any exit gate which was used by a survivor for a short amount of time. Consider it a punishment for those teams which wait at the exit gate just to taunt the killer. Once a survivor crosses the threshold it'll block off the exit like Blood Warden…
    Раздел: The End game timer needs to be revised!!!! Комментарий от Canas 3 июл
  • They absolutely need to give us a pretty Plague skin, take this one from the chinese mobile version of the game for example. She looks like she came straight out of a Soulslike game. I'd also strongly welcome a more modern/casual themed skin which explores her design in a whole different era, preferably from the 20th or…
    Раздел: Your Ideal Cosmetic Комментарий от Canas 1 июл
  • Hex: Ruin absolutely shouldn't be a hex perk anymore, its effect is too underwhelming for that and the fact that it disables itself makes the totem mechanic as a whole completely pointless. Survivors don't even need to cleanse it; there quite literally is no other hex perk in the game which behaves like this.
    Раздел: Why the double nerf to Hex: Ruin? Комментарий от Canas 1 июл
  • STBFL + Rancor + 10% attack cooldown reduction for killers will make hookcamping even better. With 50% attack cd you can doubletap survivors before they even finish the unhook animation, this'll be the new meta for dealing with Off The Record bodyblock abusers. Simply make sure no one gets unhooked in the first place.
  • When was the last time the devs actually changed a perk on the PTB before bringing it to live servers? They have the bad tendency of turning the live environment into their actual testing grounds. The PTB is just meant to promote upcoming content and see if there's anything which can crash the game. Gameplay balance is…
    Раздел: Do you think they will nerf OTR ? Комментарий от Canas 30 июн
  • They absolutely must add some sort of exhaustion which prevents the survivor from dropping down any pallets after using DH. There's nothing preventing them from saving it until they're at a pallet; if the killer goes for an early swing, the survivor will simply use DH to get their chase extender anyway.
    Раздел: Am i dumb or they actually buffed DH ? Комментарий от Canas 30 июн
  • It's quite sad how badly neglected this killer is, and yet BHVR still pretends like they don't have enough data about her performance. We ALL know that she's extremely weak, no more excuses. Just hotfix her already.
    Раздел: Sadako Комментарий от Canas 27 июн
  • Way ahead of you, I've been doing this on all my killers whenever they still had room for prestiges despite having countless anniversary offerings stacked on them. I remember doing the same with Pyramid Head during his own anniversary year. Over 100 cakes simply offered to the void to deny all these greedy survivors.
    Раздел: The best thing to do with Flans Комментарий от Canas 24 июн
  • I decided to play as Wraith today to get this cursed mission finally done. All I did was zoom through the map in my cloaked mode for maximum travelspeed until I found the damn invite. In some cases it took me 4-5 gens to find an invite. However I made sure to bring a Rancor as a last minute surprise to down and mori my…
    Раздел: Can't find any invites/event letters ingame. Комментарий от Canas 24 июн
  • That perk is worthless during endgame while survivors are running off to the exit gate. It can't do a single thing against bodyblocking besides giving them a free burst of adrenaline after being hit.
  • No really, is there even a single hex perk in this game which disables itself after doing its job without a survivor actually breaking it? I don't think there's a single one and now they're going to turn Hex Ruin into such a sad excuse?
  • 25 seconds are nothing, most survivors can easily stall the killer for that long before he can get in a hit. Even with 60 seconds of exposure Ghostface still struggles with sealing the deal if survivors get a decent headstart while dropping pallets nonstop. Also there's no way of making survivors NOT know they've been…
    Раздел: what if ghostface couldn't down anymore in one hit Комментарий от Canas 23 июн
  • Man you're lucky, meanwhile I'm still stuck at 8 letters/invites and 0/3 for the mission itself. It's simply insane to create a mission which relies on RNG to complete it and then make it block off EVERY OTHER mission in the tome.
    Раздел: Can't find any invites/event letters ingame. Комментарий от Canas 23 июн
  • Why is it still a hex perk if it's going to disable itself anyway? Such a waste of a perkslot considering how shortlived most hexes are in this game. Meanwhile survivors get to recycle their own totems ad infinitum.
  • This has to be one of the worst rift tomes I've seen so far. Literally gatekeeping me from every other mission by challenging my nonexistent luck with these damn invites. There are basically only 5 days left for these missions and I don't see me realistically completing these missions, especially if I couldn't even find a…
    Раздел: Can't find any invites/event letters ingame. Комментарий от Canas 23 июн
  • Wait, no one is bringing up the flawed map design in this game? Even if survivors were forced to play perkless they'd still have a considerable amount of pallets and strong loops at their disposal to keep the killer busy for an entire 5 gen chase. That's how busted map design is despite the frequent reworks which only seem…
    Раздел: Meta isn't a problem, OP perks are... Комментарий от Canas 23 июн