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  • Why is it so important for you to play a "strong" killer? Just choose one were you like the power / design, and get good with them. Then you will be able to dominate most of your games.
  • Sluzzy complaining day in and day out about killers using BBQ and stacked regression perks. Also Sluzzy complaining about a new, situational perk working against boons. It would be one regression perk less used by the killer, but who cares. I guess killers should just not be alllowed to use perks at all, right Sluzzy?
    Раздел: Why do killers need an anti-boon perk? Комментарий от CaulDrohn 22 мая
  • Or they remove the bonus BP for it, since you won't need so many BP anymore when the prestige reworks hits live, and you also can get bonus BP for playing a certain role. Removing the BP bonus would really drop the usage of BBQ, I guess. Currently I play all my killers with BBQ just bc of the BP. If that were gone, it…
  • No, it seems you do NOT understand how it works, and what a great reduction it actually is when you want to P3+AllPerks every character (which is commonly done for the killer grind): CURRENT SYSTEM: You have all killer maxed out (P3 Max perks), and a new killer gets released. You have to P3 this new killer, get him all the…
    Раздел: Reducing the Grind Комментарий от CaulDrohn 18 мая
  • The hatch was added bc of situations where the last surv(s) were not able to finish gens and prolonged the game by just hiding, with the intention of making the killer dc. To at least reduce such griefing scenarios hatch was added pretty early on (it was not there from the start). So you could argue, if the survivor would…
  • As far as I know, it's only a visual bug, you are not actually exposed. Just check Myers blade, if he holds it normally (pointing upwards) you are not exposed, if he's in "stabbing stance", you are exposed.
    Раздел: Has the Shape bug been acknowledged yet? Комментарий от CaulDrohn 8 мая
  • Could also use it via family share.
  • Correct, hatch escapes do not get counted whatsoever, MMR-wise it's as if you never played against that person (for both sides). So if you really want to let the last survivor out, you gotta give them the hatch if you do not want to impact your or the survivors mmr to much. And it does not punish you so heavily in emblems…
    Раздел: Giving the hatch is punished, pips-wise ... Комментарий от CaulDrohn 18 апр
  • You can just follow the blood. No one uses lucky break or off the record.
  • Why wasted? It's your insurance of not being blinded into oblivion.
    Раздел: Lightborn is one of my favorite perks Комментарий от CaulDrohn 16 апр
  • Why give them a different effect? If you have some sloppy like addons, you are free to choose whether you want the perk and some ohter addons, or the addons and some other perk. I actually like that on Wraith, the budget sloppy addons allows you to use the perk slot for something else.
    Раздел: Should Nurse's attacks be Special attacks? Комментарий от CaulDrohn 13 апр
  • We could make Nurse Lunge special and buff the named perks to compensate, for example. Like what was done with Third seal, make Surge and Sloppy work with special attacks as well. With Surge/Jolt, I think thats unproblematic, since there's still the cooldown. With Sloppy, it might be too much for certain killers (Legion)…
    Раздел: Should Nurse's attacks be Special attacks? Комментарий от CaulDrohn 13 апр
  • You won't go down from Silver 1 to Silver 4 either. You keep every grade you reached until reset, doesn't matter how many depips you collect. So you can loose at most 4 pips back to back, then you will have reached your current grade with zero pips and dont drop further.
  • You can use Unrelenting to trick survivors into running an extra loop instead of dropping a pallet, hitting them halfway, bc they think your recovery takes longer so they get another round.
    Раздел: Perk tier list (untill Samara's update) Комментарий от CaulDrohn 9 апр
  • The whole playtime argument is so exceptionally dumb, I cannot take anyone seriously bringing that forward. I have nearly 4k hours, but rarely play Nurse, bc I hate her with all my heart. So whenever I actually play a game with her, I usually suck badly. And than come the low brains saying stuff like "4k hours and so bad…
    Раздел: hours in dbd Комментарий от CaulDrohn 9 апр
  • Right, so more reason to buff kinship by making the longer struggle conditionless. And if it's gets troublesome in tournaments, it can easily be banned from usage.
  • If it's so enormously strong, why do you NEVER see it even when facing 4-man swfs? It only gets picked in tournaments because there are restrictions in how often a perk may be used on the survivor side. The usual meta perks are just plain better. Kinship may do SOMETHING in coordinated teams, but it is a dead perk in…
  • That would really improve the perk, yeah. But on a 4-man swf, that might be overboarding, since one survivor having it would be able to increase the timer for each and every (struggle) hook. I was thinking the same. What if it just increased your hook timer without any conditions? I don't think that would be to powerful,…
  • Yes, it's pretty dumb to get yourself infected again just seconds after you cleansed. But thats not an issue with the cleansing, but with a dumb move of the player. Throwing the pallet down against a huntress with a charged hatchet is also a dumb move, but you wouldn't say "do not throw pallets against a huntress", right?…
    Раздел: counter plauge (impossible) Комментарий от CaulDrohn 2 апр
  • In my experience of playing plague, the survivors lose the game more often because they refuse to cleanse (until it's to late) than because they were "over-cleansing". The whole NEVER-CLEANSE-AGAINST-PLAGUE advice kills more (mediocre) survivors than it saves, imo. That advice does only pay off if all survivors are…
    Раздел: counter plauge (impossible) Комментарий от CaulDrohn 1 апр
  • I would prefer to be able to rekindle boon totems. Boons are the bane of pentimento currently, bc. any incentive to cleanse a totem (bringing other hexes) can be circumventing by blessing. So if we could rekindle boon totems, it would create a boon-rekindled loop thats more time-investing for survivors than killers (since…
    Раздел: pentimento buff Комментарий от CaulDrohn 31 мар
  • Yes, they said it's unlikely that they would implement the AI for all the different killers, with all their powers and such. But the bot wouldn't have to be any good or know it's powers at all in this situation, just a non-idle temporary replacement for the dced player. They already have the trapper bot, so why not just…
    Раздел: Will they ever add a way to recconect as killer? Комментарий от CaulDrohn 25 мар
  • The killer player could be replaced with a bot, similar to the trapper bot in tutorial. So the game just procceeds with the bot, and when the original killer queues again, they get put into their previous game. Could be implemented with survivors as well. With this, you could even remove DC penalty, bc a player would not…
    Раздел: Will they ever add a way to recconect as killer? Комментарий от CaulDrohn 24 мар
  • @SkeletalElite "Well your solution would have to address the exponential growth" It really bothers me that ppl do not understand what "exponential growth" means. In DBD, the growth with every new character is POLYNOMIAL, not EXPONENTIAL! Exponential would mean something like "with every new character, the perk count…
  • Actually, the release of the ring chapter was one of the stablest we had in a long time. The new characters powers and perks pretty much just worked, and apart from the perks / perk combinations causing crashes, we had some broken tiles on Yamaoka / Springwood, but thats it. And this issues were resolved pretty fast, also…
  • At least you can play around dead hard here and there. A few days ago I had a Demo game against three Sprint Bursts, so whenever I used portals, they were long gone, and even when trying to surprise them (bc they are oblivious when closing a portal), they still where saved by it.
  • I'm not contesting the fact that it's a brainless and poor mechanic. I'm contesting the notion that you have zero chance of surviving. Bc. this scenario only comes to play when at least two need the box the pig is guarding. Lets look at the chances: The chance of no one needing the pigs box: (3/4)^4 = 81/256 = 0,316 ->…
    Раздел: Should "AFK Pig" be allowed? Комментарий от CaulDrohn 16 мар
  • I remember so many complaints about missing content, but whatever. "Everone said this changes are so less for mid-chapter" yeah, and thats typical for a health chapter! Bc if they improve something like code quality, there is no imidiate benefit for the players to see! And with Nurse, they had to reimplement the code from…
    Раздел: Does Dead by Daylight NEED Operation Health? Комментарий от CaulDrohn 16 мар
  • They have a chance, but that requires great coordination from the survivors: Remove as many traps as possible. Repair five gens to 99%, then pop them all at once. All ppl without trap excape though exit gates. If there's just one survivor left, fine search for the hatch. If more than one have an active trap, all but one…
    Раздел: Should "AFK Pig" be allowed? Комментарий от CaulDrohn 16 мар
  • You know, with the last mid chapter we effectively had health chapter, with way more bugs being addressed (esp. long standing ones with Nurse) than content being added / adjusted. And what happened? Constant bitching and complaining why there's not more content. It feels this community's whole purpose is complaining and…
    Раздел: Does Dead by Daylight NEED Operation Health? Комментарий от CaulDrohn 16 мар