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  • I don't think it's going to impact regular play much, but it's a perfect fit for bully squads now! The wiggle effect increase is fine, but the wiggle progress for 'falling' is not and should not have been pushed to live, IMO. It's not a good idea.
    Раздел: Opinions on the new Boil Over? Комментарий от Firellius 26 янв
  • Self-care can occupy a single survivor for an exceedingly long time, but it does potentially free up another survivor for an equal amount of time. Self-care is just tactically a little more involved. Autodidact is the killer perk that's in the survivor perk list by mistake.
    Раздел: Survivor perk popularity in 50 matches Комментарий от Firellius 26 янв
  • It's a baffling perk buff, since I don't think it'll do normal play any favours, but it'll work really well for bully play, which is the exact opposite of what you should want as a game designer.
    Раздел: Uh oh, the boil over change made it live Комментарий от Firellius 25 янв
  • Some will say "it can get destroyed before end game" to which I say you must've been playing terribly that game if survivors found time to cleanse 5 totems. More importantly, if they cleansed all five totems, they've likely lost more time than they would've if you were running Thanatophobia with all 4 injured from the…
    Раздел: Do you agree with Otz Комментарий от Firellius 24 янв
  • Yeah, but that's not the point. The point is that 'skill based' matchmaking should not just consider escapes. Running a killer for five gens is a skilled play, but counts for nothing in the system. The OP isn't confused about how the system works, they don't agree with how it works.
    Раздел: I just got tunneled and camped for 5 gens Комментарий от Firellius 23 янв
  • The 50-55% kill rate is with swiffers included. It's not a 15% deduction from the overall average kill rate. For example: If solo results in a 60% kill rate and swiffer in a 40% kill rate, and both are played equally, the total average kill rate would be 50%, while putting swiffers at a 20% lower kill rate than solo. It…
  • Where are you getting the '35-40% at most' from?
  • DS should be basekit over BT. BT incentivises bad unhooks on top of, in its current form, being usable offensively by bodyblocking, while DS has way stronger counterplay and really only works on an actual tunneller. It would be pretty bad game design to make BT baseline instead of DS.
    Раздел: So BT basekit... another solo buff Комментарий от Firellius 23 янв
  • I think everyone here knows what the system is. This topic was likely created to discuss why the system is stupid. You're arguing something else entirely.
    Раздел: I just got tunneled and camped for 5 gens Комментарий от Firellius 23 янв
  • Perk band-aids are not a solution, and even less so if they're reliant on the killer's perk loadout.
  • I don't think basekit BT was confirmed, it was just confirmed that there was no basekit DS at the moment. And BT is a very ineffectual perk, so that wouldn't fix much. The facecamping fix, we'll have to see what they've come up with, but I think the devs went on record to say they aren't doing anything about camping as a…
  • But if they do, their kill rate does go over an average of 3, doesn't it? Considering the rank difference between kill rates under the emblem system was quite considerable, I wouldn't be too surprised if high MMR actually showed higher kill rates. I know people seem convinced that the game is survivor sided, but there's…
  • Because those 'time efficient strats' are both terrible for gameplay and really overpowered. It's way harder for survivors to interfere with killer playability than vice versa.
    Раздел: The way BHVR nerfed CoH Комментарий от Firellius 22 янв
  • To be fair, I'm pretty sure no one that requested secondary objectives for survivors ever claimed to want it as anything other than a straight nerf to survivors.
    Раздел: New CoH vs Old CoH numbers Комментарий от Firellius 21 янв
  • Why? The game -isn't- a vacuum. You can't just look at the output without also considering the range restriction and time it takes to bless a totem, plus the possible counterplay of snuffing the boon. Removing the heal speed boost entirely would make it borderline useless because it would take way, WAY too much time to get…
    Раздел: The way BHVR nerfed CoH Комментарий от Firellius 21 янв
  • One question for you, @gendoss ... At some point you have to decide a hard win condition. Why? What's the benefit of a 'hard win condition'?
  • That would be a flat-out unusable perk. Imagine the worst aspects of self-care, but with a radius restriction -and- a 14+ second set-up time tacked on! CoH needs to offer -something-, folks. Maybe it can be argued it should go down to +50%, but most of these suggestions want to put this perk on the level of Red Herring,…
    Раздел: The way BHVR nerfed CoH Комментарий от Firellius 21 янв
  • But the stats pin it pretty close to 50%. And pushing it there would require more killer nerfs/survivor buffs, which I don't think these forums want.
  • Does the bathroom actually have a moving wall? I thought it just had the one entryway.
    Раздел: Body Blocked in Gideon Meat Plant by Killer? Комментарий от Firellius 21 янв
  • I used different survivors to quickly switch between builds. Jake had my field medic build, with the Apprentice (?) skin, wielding Self-care, Bite the Bullet, Botany Knowledge and Desperate Measures. David was a dumpster diver, with Plunderer's, Ace in the Hole, Appraisal and Streetwise (Or Built to Last if there was a…
  • Noed really only exists so that survivors have a reason to remove dull totems from the match. This is one of the reasons I hate NOED: Unless you have a well-organised 4-man swiffer squad and the killer you're up against is reasonably matched, NOED does the exact opposite of this. Barring 4-man swiffers, the general…
    Раздел: Why does everyone hate noed? Комментарий от Firellius 20 янв
  • One thing someone mentioned was an idea of puppets being scattered around the map, and the killer being able to jump between them. That kind of idea could easily be adapted for Afton/Springtrap. Put the various animatronics around the map and allow Afton to hop between them. Kind of like a midway point between Freddy's…
    Раздел: What would Springtraps power be? Комментарий от Firellius 19 янв
  • Ban DS and tunnel off hook, survivors literally can't do anything about it anymore. I agree with @GoodBoyKaru , but rather than going for 'most voted map is banned' while tallying the killer as 4, both the killer and the entire survivor team together get to ban one map each. Survivors have to vote in their own pool and…
    Раздел: How about banning perks system? Комментарий от Firellius 18 янв
  • One thing that came to mind for me to make things more manageable is to attach either a '-X% radius' or 'Set radius to Y' trait to boon perks, depending on their power. That way, boons can be tailored for their individual strength, and you can rule that if multiple boon perks are brought in by the same survivor, you're…
    Раздел: Am I the only one who thinks boon totems are fine? Комментарий от Firellius 18 янв
  • I suppose it's technically true that Lightborn has no counter. Though there's others in that alley, like the aforementioned Visionary.
  • Hit validation on DH is currently not fine. In some cases, it's causing issues due to a miss being halfway counted as a hit, like a Nemesis tentacle not breaking a pallet (which it's only supposed to do if it hits a survivor, which it didn't if the DH got validated) or Victor stopping short on his lunge. Those still need…
    Раздел: Removing I-frames from DH. Комментарий от Firellius 17 янв
  • It's probably Microsoft himself calling, to let you know that there is a problem with your 'computor'.
    Раздел: So I heard a phone ringing in Leary's Комментарий от Firellius 15 янв
  • Yes, the same people who are drawing conclusions from a test they didn't even watch. At least blind data is still better than just trying to prop up your idea of a survivor-sided game on 'we all know I'm right'.
    Раздел: What does the AFK Challenge say about the balance? Комментарий от Firellius 14 янв
  • 'We all know I am right' sounds like sheer desperation. I think people are starting to realise you aren't.
    Раздел: What does the AFK Challenge say about the balance? Комментарий от Firellius 14 янв
  • What that challenge is highlighting is that camping, tunnelling and slugging aren't just unfun strategies, they're also really hard to deal with on average. For all the talk on the forums about the game being survivor sided, if the killers decide to play to the absolute most they can, with no regard for how fun the game…
    Раздел: What does the AFK Challenge say about the balance? Комментарий от Firellius 14 янв