I'm not playing DBD right now but I'm stalking the forums. I think my email is showing? Anyone want to hit me up go for it, my name is also my PSN name and on Steam it's HattDude instead of Creature.

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  • I can't find footage of another Survivor helping someone out of the chain but I don't think it's instant. But in the end it won't matter if you break it early manually and not get stunned because the other person is still body blocking and we all know that it doesn't matter if you down the person who is body blocking, they…
    Раздел: Killer Seems A Bit Weak Комментарий от HatCreature февраля 2020
  • Now that I think about it does defeat the purpose, like you said, to have the hook. The hook injures them and if the chain breaks and they get away and he shoots them again then the hook is pointless, makes sense. Deep Wounds goes down when the Survivor is not running and if they aren't running then the Killer has lost…
    Раздел: Killer Seems A Bit Weak Комментарий от HatCreature февраля 2020
  • Interesting, that's sweet. Yeah I saw the image another commenter posted, hopefully these are actually useful and not just a band-aid fix and wastes more time but actually fun. I can totally see this being fun with the Saw Bros and Oni, Demo might actually be scary with this.
    Раздел: Breakable Wall Questions Комментарий от HatCreature февраля 2020
  • Omg the Lantern is in this 😱 I forgot about the charms, do you know if charms are coming into the shop or not? I haven't been playing for a while but when Tome 1 released I was already kind of burnt out to begin with so maybe I'll feel more energized than I was when this one comes. Thankfully the good stuff is free.
    Раздел: Contest Winner Costumes Комментарий от HatCreature января 2020
  • True but the point is that I have to play at a specific time period and if I don't play and grind within that period then I have to wait even longer to get it. I can buy all the cosmetics I've been missing since I went on break but this specific one I need to play at a certain time for who knows how long or I can wait half…
    Раздел: Contest Winner Costumes Комментарий от HatCreature января 2020
  • Not really, I once had an idea where Hex totems would ''defend'' themselves and would injure the Survivor who broke it, it was received very negatively. I would suggest maybe inflict a random status effect like Broken or make them scream but then it might feel too much like ''Last Year'' where Fiends trap boxes that…
    Раздел: Remove "HEX:" from Ruin? Комментарий от HatCreature января 2020
  • Hopefully Legion is on that list, though I wouldn't be complain if Pig got hers next <3
    Раздел: Remove "HEX:" from Ruin? Комментарий от HatCreature января 2020
  • I think the new Ruin is interesting but like everyone has said, Hexes don't last to the end game. I'm not playing the PBT but I'm assuming the Survivors have a notification you're using Ruin so they go look for the totem and then because totems have horrible placements they get destroyed instantly, I frequently spawn on…
    Раздел: Remove "HEX:" from Ruin? Комментарий от HatCreature января 2020
  • Thankfully the Ruin change doesn't hurt me as much as it does others, I prefer Devour Hope and Thana over Ruin.
    Раздел: New Hex Ruin Question Комментарий от HatCreature января 2020
  • It's disgusting, they think because it's popular it's too powerful, maybe it's popular because it helps alleviate problems the Devs refuse to fix? No? Guess Killers are just bias.
    Раздел: Ruin should not be a Hex anymore Комментарий от HatCreature января 2020
  • The entire update is them saying how it is for Survivors but not once did they ever say why it was hard for Survivors, 80% of users use Ruin is not an indication it is super powerful but an indication the game is fundamentally flawed, which they refuse to acknowledge. I'm watching Tru3 read the notes and it's making me…
    Раздел: New Hex Ruin Question Комментарий от HatCreature января 2020
  • I didn't mention that in my post but yeah, like I mentioned I made my own version of this which is better. But then again I need clarification on the math lol Hexes are bad perks because Survivors know all of the obvious spots that are in their face when they spawn, I constantly spawn next to Ruin so nothing about this…
    Раздел: New Hex Ruin Question Комментарий от HatCreature января 2020
  • For the Doctor changes, I think if you can reset the Survivor's Snap Out of It progress by shocking them again then it would be fair and balanced for both Killer and Survivor, but other than that I think the Doc changes are ok. But I don't really play Doc because I find him boring so my opinion might not be well informed.…
  • Oh I meant Surge works with Surveillance so Hex Ruin with Surveillance would show you what Gens are regressing while Surge hits multiple Gens in the area.
    Раздел: New Hex Ruin Question Комментарий от HatCreature января 2020
  • We need to wait until the PTB to complain, they refuse to listen to feedback until then.
    Раздел: Ruin should not be a Hex anymore Комментарий от HatCreature января 2020
  • So does this mean the devs are justified in ignoring our complaints about Legion? Does this mean they aren't going to be getting the respect they deserve instead of the half assed changes they received that weren't even what the communityy asked for? I'm specifically talking about the Mangled and Broken add-ons, we asked…
  • Well the problem is that I don't get to play Killer as much as I'd like because I live at my job so I usually only have time to play Survivor. The Ranking system does not reflect skill, it reflects how much fun you let the Survivors have so I can do a really ######### job as Killer and still pip up and rank up and go…
    Раздел: Feedback on Rank Reset Комментарий от HatCreature декабря 2019
  • I highly doubt they got changed too much if at all, I mean they just flat out ignored Legion players when we complained about the 4 second stun because it wasn't in the list of Legion changes that came out. I can imagine them not paying attention to the community about this even though it was complained about since day 1.…
  • Ugh, no, no that 55% is way too strong for 30 seconds even if it goes away in chase or in prox to the Killer. For reference, Clown with Bleach Hinders Survivors to 20% and that's pretty darn slow so 55% would be tippy toe move an inch you'll break every bone in your body slow. Regardless of that though, this is really good…
    Раздел: Killer Perk: Abrasive Destruction Комментарий от HatCreature декабря 2019
  • I can respect that, we enjoy different game-play elements.
  • I think the Devs are balancing the game around 4v1 BUT have multiple Killers who are designed for a 1v1 and that causes issues. This isn't why the game is unbalanced though, it is imbalanced because the team behind that part are scared of doing their job so they make it difficult for everyone instead of fun.…
  • Being camped sucks, camping for no reason shows lack of skill, but there are reasons to camp. Camping is impossible to get rid of in this game without completely overhauling how the Killer gets kills works, it's that simple. You can't block the Killer from entering a radius of the Survivor as that is just as unfair as the…
    Раздел: New player impression on camping Комментарий от HatCreature декабря 2019
  • Well that's the point, these are supposed to make it difficult at random times within the game. I had another person suggest that the Entity Blockers stop Killers from Vaulting too, I think that's fair as it's different from Bamboozle or a normal EB. This could randomly save or kill a Survivor depending on the chase. As…
  • I think that's fair, tbh it would make sense lore-wise as well because The Entity isn't on anyone's side, it kidnapped everyone regardless if they want to be there so the EB stopping Killers from Vaulting too would make sense. It would def make some losing situations for Survivors but also help them too.
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  • Exactly, there is a lot more that can be done with this game if they branch out into other areas. They don't have to completely change the game or sacrifice their vision for it but this game has problems that they aren't dealing with and maybe A.I can fix them.
  • I already know who I would avoid 100% of the time, every time I am in a match with him it sucks because of his attitude.
    Раздел: Avoid Players List (Maybe?) Комментарий от HatCreature декабря 2019
  • Freddy is my all time favorite Killer to play lol I have never seen someone hate him so much but I'm sure this would make him happy.
  • I'm taking a break from this game, this has gotten me so depressed I can't even have fun playing Survivor or even the new Killer. I don't have faith in the devs, they give us cookie cutter responses and those responses just show they aren't listening. If they were listening then they would know that we feel they aren't…
    Раздел: Dramatic but this is how I feel now... Комментарий от HatCreature декабря 2019
  • OK so even if you don't have Thana Survivors will still want to heal, kind of like a better Plague since Survivors don't have a reason to cleanse. OK yeah this would work then.
    Раздел: Legion Rework Thread Комментарий от HatCreature декабря 2019