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  • I mean, you already have offering canceling other map offerings (unless there are 4). Just give killers notification on who is in swf and who is not.
  • LMAO, nice bait :D
    Раздел: Remove hook grabs. Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • Heavyweight seems overpowered as #########, but other stuff sound actually fun.
    Раздел: Niche perk concepts Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • Pipping system can't be reworked, because it's not meant to separate survivors into ranks. It's meant to make you feel good and that you are achieving something (together with devotion). Most games, people will get chased one or two times, finish gen or two and save one person - this must be more than enough to pip and…
    Раздел: Please rework the pipping system Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • If you are confident in your looping - bring in a green key. Ammount of killers who throw the game just to kill people bringing in a key is really dumbfounding... and you know what is the worst part? They still get the 4k, because randos just refuse to do gens, even with my kindred on xD. This happens on red ranks as often…
    Раздел: Revert the Mori Change Devs Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • @Endorb You are joking, right? You want to tell me, that being able to tell from which side Ghostface, Myers, Pig... or any killer that somehows became undetectable, is coming for you isn't strong at all? All I am going to say is that there was Huntress win rate increase when her lullaby stopped being directional. Back to…
  • @Alexandra How about some kind of argument? In my opinion there is no hex perk in game that is even worth running outside the memes. Haunted Retriubution Nurse being maybe the only exception, but unless you finish the game with it you are basically perkless after one minute... As I mentioned, my only complaint about…
  • @gibblywibblywoo It is and I think perks like this should exist as in real life it's almost always better to rely on yourself instead of others. @Saltjar34 Actually, the more I think the more sense perk like this have. For every healthy/escaped survivor you gain some kind of bonus. It literally promotes caring for your…
  • @Saltjar34 I don't relly want to make Left Behind too strong, as 40% opening increase is guaranteed escape, same goes for 10% movement speed... and this perk actiaves as well when others simply escaped... Or Maybe it should do all those things AND show the hatch like it does now? I'm not really sure with this one, but…
  • @ShamelessPigMain I don't know man, if survivors cleanse totems whenever they see on it literally prolongs game by 20 seconds... No cleansing them is literally asking to get hit by noed... Especially that there are perks ancouraging you to cleanse! Rng is not argument in DbD untill they fix map spawns so it's not possible…
  • Just do what Scott Jung suggested. DS lasts 30 second, but while in chase, timer does not go down, ever. DS deactivates as soon as survivor touches generator or tries to progress the game in any other way (unhook, heal ect.). This way it would be true anti tunnel perk. Killer tunnels you? Good you can ds him even 5 minutes…
    Раздел: Decisive Strike + Unbreakable fix. Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • There are couple of breakable walls that actually favour killers... and you can just kick other while not in the chase. Stop whining, walls are fine.
    Раздел: breakable walls have ruined the game Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • No! Locker grab and kicking are more than enough thins to do while cloaked. What Wraith needs is higher movement speed while cloaked without using windstorm. (If you are not using any clapper + windstorm on Wraith now, you have no idea what you are doing)
  • @RepostRiposte Yes they can, even on survivor screen animation already begins when they cancel it with a perk. You use the perk slightly earlier, like the dead hard, but it literally cancels animation, jerking their cam and making killer unable to do anything for split second and letting survivor just walk through them.
    Раздел: Interrupting animations Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • I think you misunderstood my proposition, undying would still be a totem, meaning that if they cleanse this particular one, ruin would be gone on second cleanse. Tokens are just to make some sense with tier 1/2/3 of a perks and guarantee you never have to cleanse all 5 even in the most unlucky case.
  • I am biased, because old ruin tought me to hit greats like 80% of the time without even concetrating too much. Only thing that catches me off guard is 3 oclock skillcheck at times, other than that, it's easy, reverse, lullaby, overcharge... This is why I liked old ruin, you actually needed small pinch of skill to actually…
    Раздел: Skillchecks are really easy now. Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • Clown should have the exhaustion addon. He is not a strong killer anyway... I fing it outrageous that strong killer like Huntress has much stronger addons than weak killer like Clown. Keep it. Honestly, it doesn't even matter if he has it or not, because if you know he has it, I just use my exhaustion perk in advance.…
  • New UI is worse, but only because they spread it out. Just keep it squeezed in one corned like before, but with all the new informations and it is THE BOMB. On PTB it looks like ######### android game put together in two hours now...
    Раздел: Do you like the new UI? Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • Good. IMO they did amazing job with The Game, map is way more open, transparent, loops aren't as ######### as before and all the details from movies are actually there.
    Раздел: The Game Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • Except for running as injured (this one sucks) I really like all the new animations. I love the improoved camera work, especially it following smoothing when getting downed or healed.
    Раздел: Animation feedback Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • New HUD sucks. I like that they are trying new things, but it looks so stupid, splattered all around the screen. Just put all the infor in bottom left corner (hook states and survivor avatars are actually okay idea). It just looks so cheap... like on ######### android game made in 2 hours...
    Раздел: New HUD is a downgrade Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • New HUD suuuuuuckssss. I hope killers sees the hook progression as well. Just squeeze it together in left down corner again and it's good, god damn it, devs... I like that they try new stuff, but this hud looks like on some kind of #########, android game... New animation are the bomb though (I still liked the old…
    Раздел: New Maps, New Animations, New HUD Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • I don't know, killer sacrificing perk slot for something useless is pretty good for survivors. It's StBfL or Pop that you don't have to deal with...
  • Deliverance is already one of the most game changing perks, it's fine as it is. Second wind though...
    Раздел: Deliverance needs a buff Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • Pyramidhead doesn't need any perks to win...
    Раздел: This Undying nerf will kill pyramid head Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • You have perk for this if you want. This is literally meant to be the last resort mechanic to try your luck. It is good as it is now. Buff monstrous shrine to do anything btw, cause right now you still have 3 attempts with it...
    Раздел: Increase odds of self-escape on hook Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • Go and play her good yourself against survivors who know what they are doing, then you can complain about her. She is killer with the lowest kill ratio and for good reason! It really takes skill to be decent with her... hell she was nerfed super hard already, leave her be.
    Раздел: Nurse is bad for the game Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • Lets talk about the perk again, because right now it's really useless. It had really cool synergy with make your choice when it was "bugged" and made unhooking survivor an obsession everytime, no matter if obsession was hooked or not... and it was actually ok! Current state literally does nothing... if killer is chasing…
    Раздел: Furtive Chase buff Комментарий от HazeHound января 2021
  • I'm just going to say that game on red ranks is super unfun, playing as both sides. It's either good nurse/spirit/hag ending up with complete wipe, occasional Iri Huntress or any other killer looped for ages. What are you going to do as Wraith, Clow or Pig, even when you know you are facing swf? Bring mori which does…
    Раздел: Revert the Mori Change Devs Комментарий от HazeHound декабря 2020
  • @arcnkd Well I don't agree with you on this one, but these are just opinions on both sides. Remember me, just as old Dying Light were the perks that made you scared of being the obsession, which made sense actually. 16 seconds is nothing for entire perk slot sadly, but it's slightly too much when there is only one person…