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  • Funny - I have never NEEDED BBQ & Chili.
    Раздел: Let killers have 4 perk slots again Комментарий от Jasix декабря 2021
  • "Either you need to deal with getting half your normal BPs" Not getting DOUBLE BP is not the same as getting half your BP. You get your base BP. BBQ & Chili can give you 100% more... not having it does not reduce your BP - just a point of clarification. The same issue applies to survivors if they have not unlocked We're…
    Раздел: My hype for new killers is basically Zero Комментарий от Jasix декабря 2021
  • Oh FFS - are you being serious??? Switch games?? Because of a 30-60 wait?? Lose the inanity and hyperbole. Putting you on ignore - no time for trolls.
    Раздел: Survivors that don’t leave Комментарий от Jasix декабря 2021
  • Again... Eyeroll. It is a MAXIMUM of 2 minutes unless someone is on hook; which is not the complaint here since then you would be defending the hook. I am betting the average is more like 30-45 seconds. If you are going to complain about that I would hate to see what other things you do not have time for - yet spend hours…
    Раздел: Survivors that don’t leave Комментарий от Jasix декабря 2021
  • I have no issues going against SWFs - I like the challenge. Just because 2-3-4 people are playing together does not mean they are good - I have ran into PLENTY of potato SWFs. Conversely I have ran into some amazing solo queue players. Generalizing the skills of a group is just that - a generalization.
    Раздел: Simple solution to counter SWF Комментарий от Jasix декабря 2021
  • Sure - just as soon as survivors can run a perk that when hit the killer loses their addons :)
  • I do. You think I haven't been slugged for 4 minutes or camped numerous times (mainly by Bubbas)? It's a game. I just chalk it up to SDE and move on. I have never purposefully DC'd either... because that's a childish reaction. If I am camped I hang in there as long as possible so the other survivors can do as much gen work…
    Раздел: Survivors that don’t leave Комментарий от Jasix декабря 2021
  • Conversely; since flashlights are the only item that survivors bring that require any skill - why do a lot of killers get tilted by them? Blinding the killer can be fun and helpful, but if you read these forums - a lot of killers think they are toxic and should be nerfed/changed. I mean there are "Blind the killer"…
  • Eyeroll. Oh no you have to wait 1-2 minutes what ever will you do???
    Раздел: Survivors that don’t leave Комментарий от Jasix декабря 2021
  • Why do you let something so trivial bother you? Letting other people live rent free in your head is silly. Go grab a drink...use the restroom...watch a YT video... Seriously - stop letting the inane actions of a few bother you so much in an online game - it serves no purpose.
    Раздел: Survivors that don’t leave Комментарий от Jasix декабря 2021
  • I have over 4k hours and you most definitely do not speak for me as a player or a Twitch Partner. You may THINK you know what the community believes, but you have no way of knowing. But yes - please keep speaking for others - it shows off your narcissism and hyperbolic thought process.
  • Psst you do not speak for the community - you only speak for yourself. There is no way to get any type of ACCURATE data on what the COMMUNITY thinks; especially from the forums.
  • Oh I read your post - twice actually; because I was shocked at the level of self-entitlement you exhibited.
  • Are you being dense on purpose? There is nothing that forces you to do the Rift challenges.. nothing. If you want stuff in the Rift - do the Rift - if you don't... guess what - you don't have to do the challenges. You can ignore the Rift just like you can ignore the Store - it is called self-control. From your posts you…
    Раздел: Can we get rid of rifts? Комментарий от Jasix ноября 2021
  • Or you could just... not do them. You are not forced to do them so... don't.
    Раздел: Can we get rid of rifts? Комментарий от Jasix ноября 2021
  • Psst Grade is not rank. Grade is more a reflection of amount played and has no bearing on skill.
    Раздел: Fix the mmr please Комментарий от Jasix ноября 2021
  • Do you hear yourself?? I want it so give it to me free. I want a new Jeep.. I know other people can afford them, but I can't and I really want the 2021 version which is going away so Jeep should just send me one for free. I can afford ground beef, but I really want ribeye steak and that guy just bought the second to last…
  • BBQ & Chili Tinkerer Corrupt Intervention A Nurse's Calling Hex: Devour Hope Pop Goes The Weasel Discordance Hex: Undying Hex: Ruin Thanatophobia Franklin's Demise Infectious Fright Oppression Starstruck Lethal Pursuer There's 15 perks that are good. If you can't make them work - that doesn't mean the perk isn't good. Just…
  • Considering there are 90 killer perks... there are more than 9 which are good. I mean you can be hyperbolic if ya want - doesn't make your statement true though.
  • So you can't back it up. I have watched every Dev stream and do not remember anything like that being said.....
  • No but it will lose them future sales if those players quit out of frustration due to bugs.
    Раздел: Medkits are BROKEN!!!! Комментарий от Jasix ноября 2021
  • Multiple medkits have done this to me the past 2 weeks. Also happening to toolboxes. Tried to get 4 sabos with Alex's Toolbox (6 charges for each hook) with 24 charges - and it emptied 1 charge short of my 4th sabotage. This has been going on for weeks - if you can't reproduce and fix this yourselves - not sure what that…
    Раздел: Medkit not giving a full heal Комментарий от Jasix ноября 2021
  • I had 47 Hawkins on my main survivor and prolly between the rest of my survivors and killers another 75 or so. I got 100k. Friend of mine had exactly 19 on ALL her killers and survivors total - she got 600k. Seems legit. (eyeroll)
    Раздел: Hawkins BP compensation Комментарий от Jasix ноября 2021
  • Toxic - one of the most overused words on these forums. If you are on PC - disable end game chat If you are on console - only accept msgs from friends. Nasty Steam comments...make your profile private or disallow comments. Allowing others to say mean/hateful/bigoted things to you when there are tools already in place to…
    Раздел: Just played vs this SWF Комментарий от Jasix ноября 2021
  • Soul Guard + Unbreakable. You're welcome.
  • Lithe is my preferred exhaustion perk and I run it probably 95% of the time. If I am not running Lithe I am probably using Sprint Burst.
    Раздел: What's with the increase in lithe users? Комментарий от Jasix ноября 2021
  • Uhhhh - do you even understand what Grades and SBMM matchmaking is? I know you are only level 40, but do a modicum of research into games you play and try to stay up to date on changes. SBMM has been active almost 2 months in DBD (September 8, 2021).
    Раздел: mmr is a joke lol Комментарий от Jasix ноября 2021
  • Comp teams huh?? Well considering the vast majority of comp teams don't team in regular matches I find that interesting. Which comp teams are you facing regularly? Would love to see some vids of you facing these comp teams in regular matchmaking outside of actual competitions.
  • Gens Chases Unhooks Heals Cleansing totems Blessing boon totems (soon) Hiding in lockers is not an objective UNLESS you are going for a stun with Head On, using it to heal yourself with Inner Strength, using it with the perk Red Herring, or using it to craft a Flash Bang. Hiding in lockers is a tactic to avoid BBQ & Chili.
    Раздел: Survivor Objectives Комментарий от Jasix октября 2021
  • Actually boon totems were something asked for by both sides. Survivors wanted "hexes" like killers and killers wanted something to "waste" survivor time so gens wouldn't go as fast. Tada - Boon totems. A HUD rework was asked for quite often in player satisfaction surveys, twitter, and even the forums. As far as animations…