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  • Meh, I think Blight is fine when compared to Nurse, a killer who can ignore the majority of DBD's game mechanics. Blight is a killer you can actually counter with something other than "be unpredictable".
  • I never said it was more important than a killers power, which is the part you're reading wrong. I said it doesn't make sense to put one less than the other since both are equally the key to winning the game. Looping wins survivors the game as you're wasting the killers time to do gens while a killers power will win the…
    Раздел: Truly, Nurse Is Fine Because of These Main Reasons Комментарий от Karao_Ke 21 июн
  • You're not wrong, you obviously don't need DH to win, but given the fact that it can end up deciding the outcome of the match, it has great significance in whether you use it right or not. Reason being because when you're a survivor, to stay alive you and your team are going to need to know how to loop otherwise the game…
    Раздел: Truly, Nurse Is Fine Because of These Main Reasons Комментарий от Karao_Ke 20 июн
  • I'd like to say that I play both sides just as much but that wouldn't be true. Killer, while it can be fun at times, is so stressful and I find myself getting tilted way easier than survivor, even if I'm winning. I don't neglect to let my Oni juices flow occasionally though. With survivor I can just lay back and chill with…
    Раздел: Which role do you prefer? Комментарий от Karao_Ke 20 июн
  • To be fair, almost every killer is oppressive with a 3 gen. That's one of the things survivors have to avoid doing to win. I can see your frustration though. Selfish survivors make me tilted too, believe me.
  • I consider him to be a well-balanced killer for both sides. If you know what you're doing with his power then you can keep survivors on their toes the entire game. However, the weakest part of his kit is getting his power at the start. It'll be rough if the survivors know to drop pallets early to keep him an M1 killer.…
    Раздел: A few questions about Oni. Комментарий от Karao_Ke 20 июн
  • Except it can be game changing. A DH could mean the difference between getting downed instantly or extending the chase so much so that the killer loses the game. If all 4 survivors don't know how to use their DH correctly then chances are they're going to drop like flies as would a killer if they were bad at said killer.…
    Раздел: Truly, Nurse Is Fine Because of These Main Reasons Комментарий от Karao_Ke 20 июн
  • They can definitely be compared due to the fact that they're both considered unbalanced and players being bad with it doesn't mean it's balanced. Simple as that.
    Раздел: Truly, Nurse Is Fine Because of These Main Reasons Комментарий от Karao_Ke 20 июн
  • I might be a bit biased but I love playing against and as Oni. Powerful killer that'll keep you on your toes all game if you're not careful. I personally think he's one of the most balanced killers in the game. To top it off, Yamaoka Estate is a decent map. Kinda small but has enough pallets to compensate. One last thing..…
  • How is that a bad comparison? A successful DH obviously takes a bit more skill than hitting a skill check, and saying said perk is balanced because some players are noob mcnoobs with it doesn't mean it's not unbalanced, as with Nurse. Lower her skillcap and nerf something in return. Maybe make her addon Plaid Flannel…
    Раздел: Truly, Nurse Is Fine Because of These Main Reasons Комментарий от Karao_Ke 19 июн
  • It's been alright. The masks look amazing and I love the menu music as well as the overall theme for the event, but the games.. have been questionable. I've had both chill killers and chill survivors just wanting to farm/drag out the game to get points with many flans but the majority of matches have been against killers…
    Раздел: How is Event for You? Комментарий от Karao_Ke 19 июн
  • Thanks for the response! Looks like I'll have to see what I've been missing this weekend :)
    Раздел: Which is your favourite Elm Street film? Комментарий от Karao_Ke сентября 2021
  • I'm also ashamed to say that the 2010 remake is the only one I've seen.. ..but tbh I actually.. kinda liked it😭 Bias aside, do you think I should give classic Nightmare a watch? I've heard Robert Englund's Freddy was more comedic than scary.
    Раздел: Which is your favourite Elm Street film? Комментарий от Karao_Ke сентября 2021
  • Nothing wrong with that. International Dog Day is coming up on August 26th so that's your time to shine🐶 I really appreciate you posting your feline friends. They're just so cute! Lily reminds me of my cat Cammy. I don't know why but I can just see that glint of curiosity & destruction. I love it.
    Раздел: International Cat Day! Комментарий от Karao_Ke августа 2021
  • Definitely can understand how you feel. Personally, I like to try out fun builds that are extremely silly just so I don't have to take the game as serious. As much as I'd love to steamroll everyone, prioritizing your fun rather than how many games you win is always for the better. Easier said than done, I know. Take a…
    Раздел: i am done with dbd Комментарий от Karao_Ke августа 2021
  • Show me the birbs.. I'm sure my kitties would love to ea-look at them..😈🤭
    Раздел: International Cat Day! Комментарий от Karao_Ke августа 2021
  • Aw man! Well hey, atleast you get to appreciate them online😸 You make it sound like a bad thing😭 Go watch some cat videos right now and worship your superiors dammit!
    Раздел: International Cat Day! Комментарий от Karao_Ke августа 2021
  • Holy sh*t some of you have a loooooot of cakes. I only have about 80 on my Dweet and even though I didn't play much this event, I still thought it was a decent amount lol.
    Раздел: On which character do you have the most cakes? Комментарий от Karao_Ke июля 2021
  • They really messed up his hair imo. He doesn't look like a smol innocent boy anymore, he looks like a nerd that kept up with his skincare for a week before he started his new office job. It's awful.
    Раздел: New Dwight Doesn't Look Like Dwight Комментарий от Karao_Ke июля 2021
  • Respect? Having a survivor walk up to you and nod once slowly is a GG imo, as long as they leave afterwards without wasting anymore time. Mercy? Similar to your story. Chasing a Dweet to an exit and watching them crouch, looking up at you with puppy dog eyes with their item on the ground tells me they're begging for their…
  • Not sure if I have a build for when I'm depressed.. but if you want a build to GET depressed, I have ya covered! No Mither + Self Care + For The People + Inner Strength (you could also run Object of Obsession to get tunneled out of the game asap) On a real note though, I hope you feel better soon man. I know you've heard…
    Раздел: Depression Builds. Комментарий от Karao_Ke июля 2021
  • Literally nobody does this, in my 2 years of playing I think its only happened twice lmao Anyways, I personally don't like to take mercy kills because I don't like the whole pity party thing, but if I realize the survivor is going to die by EGC I'll usually hook them before they do. And yes, I'm very appreciative of it…
    Раздел: Does Killers like or hate giving them a kill? Комментарий от Karao_Ke июля 2021
  • I'm going to pick this option because I know it'll never happen anyways. With that being said, F13th actually felt scary, as if you were in a horror movie. That game had so much going for it and the devs had so many plans that all went in the trash. It's really disappointing.
  • I haven't been too active on the forums lately but since I'm here, I wanted to congratulate you on being one of the up-and-coming bait posters! I have faith in you my friend. No but seriously, if you're going to acknowledge the problematic aspect of keys with "just use franklins hurr durr", your argument was over before it…
    Раздел: Keys And SWF Are Fine. Комментарий от Karao_Ke июля 2021
  • When I made this poll a few months ago I honestly didn't think I needed to put a Stadia option but thought what the heck, atleast 1 person has to be on there right? Yeah, that didn't happen lmao
    Раздел: What platform do you play on? Комментарий от Karao_Ke июля 2021
  • Spirit haunts my games, my dreams, and my will to live, both figuratively and literally🥲
    Раздел: Which killer obsessed you? Комментарий от Karao_Ke июля 2021
  • I'd say it's waaaaay too situational to be good, similar to Balanced Landing. Therefore, I honestly don't remember the last time I've used it. When it comes to regular games, it's useless. However, when it comes to games where you're going against a Doctor, or maybe Infectious Fright, you'll be wishing you have Calm…
    Раздел: Thoughts on Calm Spirit? Комментарий от Karao_Ke июля 2021
  • So.. you're telling me since Jane tried her damn best to try and do good, you left her on hook to rot because you felt it was "revenge"? What kind of thought-process is that? Obviously Jane was wasting tons of time when she could've been doing gens, and obviously her leading the killer to your gen is frustrating. Does that…
    Раздел: Is getting revenge on your teammates wrong? Комментарий от Karao_Ke июля 2021
  • That's why if they were to ever bring different gamemodes, that they would be for a limited time and not forever. Not only does this give them more time to create different variations but it also would force players to play the gamemode before it's gone. Granted, I imagine they'd recycle the same ones every once and awhile.
    Раздел: New Game Mode Комментарий от Karao_Ke июля 2021
  • Obviously. The whole point is to realize that gen speeds are a problem & to find a solution by balancing both sides to slow the game down. Knowing BHVR though, they'll probably nerf one side and will take forever to do the other which would inturn, imbalance the game yet again. An example of this could be keys & moris.
    Раздел: Dear survivor mains: Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021