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  • I've had many times where teammates have thrown the game because they decided to heal instead of finishing the last few gens. 2 people healing eachother is the equivalent of getting a gen halfway done, so quite frankly I think it's a waste of time to heal unless you're on last hook or it's necessary (ex. against killers…
    Раздел: Dear survivor mains: Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • I do feel like there is a bit more killer-bias here, but I wouldn't say it's shifted the forums as a whole. With that being said, I do believe it's because killers have more balance-related problems (ex. not being the power role in high ranks, etc) so they tend to speak up more. I've had many times on these forums where…
    Раздел: Is this forum like 90% killer mains ? Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • It's always fun when you think a Spirit is phasing & go down because she was just waiting there the entire time. That is not skill, that is free hits from an abusable element in her kit that could easily be changed.
  • It may be smart.. but also very, very cruel.
    Раздел: Lightborn is nowdays rly good Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • Oh boy.. my sleep schedule is pretty ######### right now so I can relate to this by a long shot since I'm always playing at night. Anyways, I do have a funny story regarding this.. I was doing a gen on MacMillan & I guess I must've passed out in the process because I woke up to a Bubba chainsawing my ass. You would think…
  • I like the perk as well because survivors don't seem to ever realize you have it no matter how obvious it is. I've definitely been in that same position myself where I was like "hurr durr maybe im aiming too low" until I see the killers perks on the endgame screen. Although I will say.. I'm pretty traumatized. I've had 4…
    Раздел: Lightborn is nowdays rly good Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • Gotta have my Dead Hard or else I feel like I'm walking on eggshells. For killer, I wouldn't say I have a crutch perk but I loooove using Survellience because it punishes the sneaky sneks that hop right on the gen as soon as I leave.
    Раздел: What perks do you rely on as a crutch? Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • Not a Nurse player, but might be of some help: Lethal Pursuer + Corrupt is a-m-a-z-i-n-g on Nurse since she can transverse the map pretty damn quick. Also works great on Blight, Hillbilly, etc. For an actual build, I personally love to run slug builds (particularly on Oni), so I'd recommended trying Knock Out/Starstruck +…
    Раздел: Good Nurse Perk Builds? Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • Chirs & Claire do.. not sure about Jonathan.
  • I believe this movie is a direct sequel to Halloween 2018 as this movie picks up on the ending of that movie. However, I wouldn't see the problem just going in blind.
  • Holy crap this trailer looks good. The entire time my heart was beating & I had a smile on my face. Cannot freaking wait to be in theatres the day it comes out!
  • oh hell no, as if enough players didn't run it already Dead Hard is a second-chance perk that allows survivors to screw up and still be able to extend chase by making it to another loop regardless of how the killer plays. As much as I like to run it myself, promoting it to more people sounds like an awful idea.
    Раздел: Should dead hard be at survivors base kit? Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • I completely agree because once Jason grabs you, it's over unless you have a pocket knife/a buddy nearby to strike him. I've had moments where I hid inside a wardrobe and watched him walk past me and moments where I danced with all of the other counselors while Jason was breaking down the door. That game allows you to be…
  • I know.. it made you feel like you were in an actual horror movie, especially when you were the last counselor running from house to house setting traps at the door and waiting for Jason to come in while you had your flare gun at the ready. Good motherfucking times man. Good. Times.
  • It really does. What makes it even more sad is that the devs created a roadmap of all of the things they were going to add into the game, some of which they directly listened to the fans for, and it all got thrown away because of the lawsuit. That game could've been so much more, and now I can't even get into a damn lobby.
  • I'd like a clapping emote so I can cheer on my teammates while they're in a chase. Everyone needs a little motivation.
    Раздел: Emote ideas Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • I'm dying of laugher right now. Imagine you go down in chase & you see a Meghead crossing her arms and shaking her head in disappointment in the distance.
    Раздел: Emote ideas Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • I'm honestly not sure. Maybe I'll stray away from DBD once it has proper competition, just like Friday The 13th would've been if it wasn't for the lawsuit. Until then, I plan to keep booping snoots and patting Demodogs. Hopefully the new Evil Dead game lives up to it's expectations..
  • I feel you man. My only advice is to just try not to take the game as serious & play around with meme builds more often. After I started doing this, I felt better about how the match went regardless if I won or not because I wasn't sweating my ass off.
  • I was going to pick demodoggo until I saw my beloved Dweet🤗 If they gave Demo an animation to get head pats, then maaaaybe he'd be able to compete with Dweet.
    Раздел: goodest boy Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • With the way you're phrasing your words, it sounds like you don't feel like you deserve your wins & that survivors messing up is the only reason why you would win. In that case, you're right because without survivors messing up, no matter how good you are, you'll never win. It's all dependant upon how they play at the end…
  • It's called memeing around every once n awhile instead of constantly taking the game so serious. I personally love when survivors do this because it puts a smile on my face. Oh yeah, Oni is the hunk of all hunks so.. why wouldn't you?
    Раздел: This is Why I Love This Game and Community Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • Damn right!
    Раздел: The Killer "Fun to Face" Tier List Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • Considering most of my friends are on PC while I'm a console pleb, crossplay was one of the best things to happen to DBD imo. With that being said, there isn't much of an unfair advantage other than console optimization, which is good when compared to FPS games that have waaay more things holding it back.
    Раздел: Your thoughts on crossplay Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • Spirit = *sigh*
    Раздел: What nicknames do you call your killers? Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • I'm head over heels for this idea, but what really made me fall in love with it was the paranoid effect. It's similar to Doctor's madness and it definitely sounds scary. My only gripe with this whole idea is that if they were to add Slenderman, I'd like it if they'd make it to where the longer survivors look at him, the…
    Раздел: FAN-MADE Chapter(Slenderman) Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • While I can understand both of your points, brightening the game pretty much renders hiding spots to be useless & therefore creates an unfair aspect. You'll always find the survivors because they wouldn't blend into the dark anymore.
    Раздел: Is stretched resolution against terms? Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • Haha I love Doctor! There's always a mindgame when playing against him & imo that's one of the most fun aspects of the game. He was also my first main as well, so there's that :]
    Раздел: The Killer "Fun to Face" Tier List Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • Here's mine. I personally try to keep an open mind when it comes to killers but the last 2 tiers always has me sighing. Anyways, what's your favorite killer to go against? You can't pick more than one! :p
    Раздел: The Killer "Fun to Face" Tier List Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021
  • Yeah.. it's the same thing when people make their game brighter, like why play if you're just going to be on easy mode?
    Раздел: Is stretched resolution against terms? Комментарий от Karao_Ke июня 2021