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  • I dislike him being able to place the remnant in the middle of a loop because it kind of feels like he has too many toys, but on the whole I don't mind him. There's plenty of killers I'm happier to see Dredge than.
    Раздел: Survivor Opinion: Is Dredge “Oh Boy!” or “DC”? Комментарий от Laluzi 00:57
  • Crop top Myers or I riot.
  • No, I don't think that's the right one. I think it's more of a ringing sound?
  • You're reading too much into that. BBQ without the bloodpoints bonus is a decent aura reading perk. Doesn't fit all killers, counterable, but fairly reliable information when you're ready to find a new chase or pressure a gen. WGLF without the bloodpoint bonus is one of the most niche healing perks imaginable - double heal…
    Раздел: Barbecue and Chili no longer has its Chili Комментарий от Laluzi 00:35
  • I had this issue when I first tried to get the achievement. I can't verify it, but it didn't work when I spent the end of the match teleporting around lockers for extra points, and it did work when I didn't do that and just waited for the end. I heard another player report the same result in one of these bug reporting…
    Раздел: The Dredge's Achievement Issue Комментарий от Laluzi 00:12
  • The fact that you can call Twins a top tier killer while virtually nobody plays Twins kind of explains everything it has to regarding Twins QoL. People like strong killers, and Twins can be very strong. Their power isn't neutered by SWF like a couple of other would-be-high-level killers, and they're not that hard to learn…
  • Because somebody who's never played the game, much less the killer, has valuable pinpoint feedback to make about game balance. Okay. Deathslinger might be able to attack again very soon after a hit with STBFL, but his gun's got the most precision hitbox in the game and the aiming apparatus is terrible to control between…
  • Urgh, yes. I bought him this anniversary with the discount, and I got my teeth kicked in in any game that wasn't versus babies (and one bully squad, but that was because they weren't doing gens.) He feels so bad to play. Clunky as hell, super unforgiving hitbox, punished for missing more than any other ranged killer. Man…
    Раздел: How are the last days of the event going for you?? Комментарий от Laluzi 28 июн
  • It's going. My internet's gone fucky the past few days, so I haven't been able to play as much as I want to; there are periods I can't get a stable connection and either get kicked out or spend the whole match teleporting back to the same spot, so the only thing I can do is turn off DBD and try again a few hours later.…
    Раздел: How are the last days of the event going for you?? Комментарий от Laluzi 28 июн
  • Same. Looks like part of the updated description snuck in, but the numbers don't line up or something, because it doesn't mention the cooldown either.
    Раздел: PC - Jolt Incorrect Description Комментарий от Laluzi 28 июн
  • Sloppy will kill Resurgence's 50% in a matter of seconds, sadly. Same with any hemorrhage addons, which are fairly common. Other than that, it's a pretty simple perk.
    Раздел: Am I using Resurgence wrong? Комментарий от Laluzi 28 июн
  • You should play against my Hag. I haven't done her in a while, but last anniversary, I was just spamming 8-9 traps in a building or in a row along a tight hallway and then laughing my ass off when anyone ran through it. No strategy, just heart attacks. Same to the sentiment, though. It's why I won't kill myself on hook…
    Раздел: Just play the match. Комментарий от Laluzi 28 июн
  • Can't agree more. The other day I had a Mikaela DC on first down against a Myers... on The Game... with 5 flans... The Myers didn't have any fancy addons and that game would have been a bloodpoint-fueled stun fest for everyone, but nope, 3v1 at 5 gens. I'm always so baffled by players who aren't even willing to get a feel…
    Раздел: Just play the match. Комментарий от Laluzi 28 июн
  • I feel like you're misunderstanding me. I'm completely aware of bodyblocking with Endurance, just as I'm aware of survivors with active DS going all "hey look at me, I'm injured, chase me!" and then stabbing the killer in the face. It was in my original post on this thread, even. I've faced plenty of this and I've done…
    Раздел: I dont understand the reasoning for the OTR change Комментарий от Laluzi 27 июн
  • No, it is anti-tunnel, and it's foolish to claim otherwise. It makes it so that it's more time-consuming to kill that player fresh off the hook than it would be otherwise, and make them less attractive to go after. However, anti-tunneling effects have always been used to bait killers, for as long back in this game's…
    Раздел: I dont understand the reasoning for the OTR change Комментарий от Laluzi 27 июн
  • Yeah. I thought it was very bizarre that they made OTR the next anti-tunneling perk when OTR was originally a stealth perk and Iron Will's nerf opened the gates for a replacement in that area. Like, 100% sound reduction for a long time after being unhooked? It finally had an actual shot at being used. Of course, it's…
    Раздел: I dont understand the reasoning for the OTR change Комментарий от Laluzi 27 июн
  • I think James Sunderland doesn't count just because he's not an original character. BHVR didn't create him or his lore. It's like when people say BHVR has a bare foot fetish with their female killers, and they all have tragic they're-the-victim backstories instead of being inherently malicious people. Pig doesn't count…
  • I get the impression there's nothing, because I doubt they expect - or at least want - people to reach prestige 100. Putting any reward there implies it's a goal players should reach, when your average player will never get anywhere near there and even the extreme time sink players wouldn't get it on more than a few. I…
    Раздел: But what do you get for Prestige 100? Комментарий от Laluzi 27 июн
  • Fearmonger's got two good uses, as far as I can tell. People on gens can't see downed or hooked players (nor will stuff like Bond work if a survivor is leading the killer into them), and it denies exhaustion perk recharging during the biggest and most consistent downtime survivors have. You see it a lot because the…
    Раздел: Why use fearmonger? Комментарий от Laluzi 27 июн
  • Unfortunately, it's still the dominant strategy due to the double whammy of the survivor off hook being a softer, pre-injured target whose location you can guarantee, and the balance of the match tipping drastically when the game changes from a 4v1 to a 3v1 and therefore being a desirable thing to achieve as soon as…
    Раздел: I don't get what people see in tunneling Комментарий от Laluzi 27 июн
  • It has something to do with luck. The initial loss of perks was bad planning, but trying to tunnel to each perk only to have the entity always pop up on the node you were heading towards at that moment is bad luck.
    Раздел: are u joking me? Комментарий от Laluzi 27 июн
  • He needs the 24m TR back (either that or increase the range of his gun - a 32m TR doesn't make sense for the range he can attack you at), faster ADS, and a faster turn rate while aiming.
    Раздел: What does Deathslinger need? Комментарий от Laluzi 27 июн
  • A quick tip with flans. The Entity will always spawn on a perk, so if you have a flan that's on the edges of the bloodweb and you're worried it'll get eaten, you should buy the two nodes that lead up to that flan, then turn around and buy your way to a perk. The flan won't be the one selected by the Entity (unless it's a…
    Раздел: are u joking me? Комментарий от Laluzi 27 июн
  • Iron Will? Spine Chill? Self-Care? Dead Hard is less of a buff and more of a sidegrade, as far as I can tell. I'm going to need to wait for the PTB to see how it compares to the old one and how counterable it is.
    Раздел: Current devs is survivor sided ? Комментарий от Laluzi 27 июн
  • Of the killer meta perks that got nerfed, only Pop and Ruin really suffered, and Pop is still usable. The others mostly do what they always did and are still decent perks. Of the survivor meta perks that got nerfed, only BT is still usable period. The rest were straight-up gutted. I will also note that there were far more…
    Раздел: Current devs is survivor sided ? Комментарий от Laluzi 27 июн
  • I suspect a lot of people who tend to play survivor otherwise are playing killer because the bloodpoint gains are higher, more reliable, and more flans can be obtained in the bloodweb.
    Раздел: Me, After The Anniversary Event Finally Ends: Комментарий от Laluzi 26 июн
  • I feel you. I'm fairly burned out at this point - been playing far too much, and MMR is not providing me with satisfying games. Might taper off, might take a hard break - if I do, it'll be interesting coming back to a changed DBD. Totally agree that I'm dreading what solo queue is going to look like with stronger chases…
    Раздел: Me, After The Anniversary Event Finally Ends: Комментарий от Laluzi 26 июн
  • Nah. How often do you see anyone use Iron Will tier 2? Sound is all or nothing in this game; if there's a sound, the killer can follow it. If someone can track breathing and footsteps, they can track muffled injured noises. Many killers have headsets anyway.
    Раздел: BT is still a requirement Комментарий от Laluzi 26 июн
  • Well, if everyone was P3 already, that means you got a big supply of flans across all your characters. It might not necessarily look as impressive as one character having a giant load of them, but you've still got plenty of flans to show for all the event grinding.
    Раздел: Have I wasted my bloodpoints? Комментарий от Laluzi 26 июн
  • Are you seriously trying to tell me that hiding at the edges of the map for the entire match is a valid playstyle? Because everyone who's played this game before knows that survivors lose in a 3v1 unless there's a massive skill disparity and MMR has screwed up. The survivor team cannot escape without everyone working…
    Раздел: New Sole Survivor makes no sense Комментарий от Laluzi 26 июн