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  • Depends who you ask honestly. I personally don't mind it, but a lot of killer players aren't fans because they have a rep of being bully squads.
    Раздел: I feel so bad for new killers Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 23 ноя
  • Smurfing is when a player or group of players intentionally lowers themselves to a low rank to basically bully a low skill player. SWF is Survive With Friends OoO is Object of Obsession (Laurie Strode perk) And BM is bad manners.
    Раздел: I feel so bad for new killers Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 21 ноя
  • Pretty much, though in F13 it was pretty instant to lock the door like that, and Jason would have to basically smash it through. But it would be a good idea for DbD all the same.
  • Isn't this literally just the same door system that Friday the 13th used?
  • You realise that even if someone was to pip up, they could just create a new account and repeat the smurfing right? I could go do it on PS4 and Xbox in 10 seconds just by making a new email, and since my main profile owns the game, that new account …
    Раздел: I feel so bad for new killers Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 18 ноя
  • It's just the mentality of people these days. Usually the younger generation these days. You see it on tons of games. Something doesn't go their way, and they DC or just leave the match. It's frustrating because not only does it screw over a killer …
    Раздел: Please stop disconnecting. Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 18 ноя
  • It is possible that your teammates could have hacked, but chat logs don't really prove much. The killer just accused you all with no real evidence to prove otherwise. As for TT, that does block gens, but if someone remains on a gen when the survivor…
    Раздел: Accusing of cheating Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 18 ноя
  • Like @Foohy said, show the clip then we can see for ourselves wether or not they are cheating. And as for being able to target your totems, there are perks for that. Small Game gives a noise notification if they look at one in range. Detectives Hunc…
  • Theres a huge difference in being destroyed LEARNING, and being destroyed when they have ZERO chance to even learn anything. Smurf squads won't teach a new player anything. They'd never catch them, they'd just be bullied to hell and back and that ju…
    Раздел: I feel so bad for new killers Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 18 ноя
  • Good on you. People who smurf or just overall bully deserve what they get honestly. Those same people need to realise, if not for people like us willing to tolerate their bullshit, they wouldn't even get a damn match. When the game does eventually s…
    Раздел: I feel so bad for new killers Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 18 ноя
  • Wait, are you saying they cheated because they found your Hex? I've literally destroyed Ruin 10 seconds into a game before, and even destroyed NOED instantly because the totem I was doing became the Hex. Am I cheating in this sense?
  • This issue is why a friend of mine quit 10 minutes after downloading the game. He downloaded it from the Xbox Gamepass so thankfully he didn't spend anything, but that's still not the point. I suggested Killer because it was more interactive and can…
    Раздел: I feel so bad for new killers Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 18 ноя
  • Are we seriously still doing this? Can people stop looking for a reason to blame Cross-Play for everything? All consoles and PC are equal on camping, tunneling, etc. Stop looking for reasons to badmouth the other side. It's no wonder this community …
    Раздел: I swear all pc players camp and tunnel Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 18 ноя
  • I like shadows, just because I've used Whispers before, and I'm not a fan of constantly hearing it. But, we all have our own likes on perks. For me, Shadows is insanely helpful when I play GF because they never realise why I seem to intersect them w…
  • DC penalties are still up. People just DC because 'Insert reason here'. Nothing new.
    Раздел: Are DC penaltys gone again? Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 18 ноя
  • I see this all the time in Red ranks honestly. Like, you clearly SAW my We'll Make It just pop up right? But they just insist they MUST find a nice silent corner to Self-Care in my face. I usually leave them on the hook when the killer finds them ag…
    Раздел: My problem with low rank games Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 17 ноя
  • Jumpscare Hag - Rusty Shackles and Disfigured Ear I've never personally seen these add-ons used by Hag's before so I have no idea what it's like, but from the way survivors react, it scares the crap out of them. Anytime I use it, I assume they don't…
    Раздел: Fun builds Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 17 ноя
  • I don't understand survivors who tryhard against killers who aren't tryharding, but hey, that just seems to be the game we're in these days.
    Раздел: Tryhard Killers Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 17 ноя
  • People should have to grind for up to 6 hours just to earn BP though. That's the point of people complaining that the entire game is a grind. I like to play other games, not dedicate my life to trying to get BP
    Раздел: A problem that is getting bigger Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 17 ноя
  • If you get a OoO on Midwitch, try get someone. OoO is so broken on that map and there are people who will abuse that fact. I've had it multiple times and each time I just give up trying. As for DC'ing because others did, well, you can't really compl…
    Раздел: midwich elementary and matchmaking ban Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 17 ноя
  • Add on the fact if you just got smacked with BT while in T3 Madness and you're actually screwed unless you find someone to help you. Personally, I've got no issue with Doc. He's a favourite of mine to use. I just really don't like the constant stati…
    Раздел: What makes doctor hated or annoying? Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 17 ноя
  • I've maybe used that once or twice when I started 2 years ago, but there's nothing to show it really does anything so I don't bother. If they're on PS4 with me, I'll just send them a GG.
  • Head On is completely different. That requires you to be in a locker, and once you've had it once, the killer isn't stupid enough to fall for it again. DS is a problem because people combine it with Unbreakable and use it to basically do a gen in yo…
    Раздел: Hating on ds became popular Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 17 ноя
  • I wasn't sure if it was a bug or latency. She was kind of laggy earlier in the match. She attempted to swing at me, but hit a Laurie 5 feet ahead of me somehow. Either way, I just thought it was pretty funny to see.
    Раздел: These hitboxes! Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 17 ноя
  • The grind is the one biggest reason I will never prestige again. The only survivor I prestiged was Cheryl because she's my favourite character (Since I'm a SH Fanboy) but I did regret it because I had to grind out EVERY perk yet again, but luckily i…
    Раздел: The grind makes prestiging pointless Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 17 ноя
  • I tried it once. On Lery's. You can imagine how badly that turned out.
    Раздел: Blight’s Adrenaline Vial, do you use it? Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 17 ноя
  • Oni's for the pure brutality of it, and Ghostface just because I laugh everytime I see it.
    Раздел: What's your favorite mori and why? Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 17 ноя
  • In my 2 years of playing solo survivor, I've gotten it down to the following awful survivor types you will always encounter: The Sneaker: They enjoy Urban Evasion so much, they're willing to let you die on hook so they can hide and seek out their pr…
    Раздел: Types of survivors Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 17 ноя
  • Meh, fun is subjective. What one person finds fun may be a nightmare for another. Personally, I don't enjoy survivor anymore. It's become more of a chore than actually enjoyable thanks to the nightmare solo queue has become, along with the many camp…
  • Makes me sad we don't see more of Demogorgo. Poor guy needs so much love! I usually see a ton of Bubba more than anyone lately.
    Раздел: DBD Turned Research Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 15 ноя