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  • Welcome to dead by daylight. Where the meta is hold M1 for wins. Literally. I have the same view myself. I could care less if I win as killer or survivor. Just interact with me in some form beyond starting at pixels for 80 seconds or having a staring contest for 2 minutes. I would rather lose every match but actually have…
    Раздел: Where's the fun? Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 12 ноя
  • Imo a week isn't enough. They don't seem to update on what's being done and by the time a 'fix' is released the event will be over. I've not been able to play at all since the event began thanks to the loading issue.
  • I've been able to play 1 single match as survivor yesterday shortly after the event released, and since then it's nothing but infinite loading for either role. It really sucks because I love the new cosmetics but at this rate, I'll never get them because I can't even load into a match.
  • 10 times in a row now. Attempted to play as Spirit. Tried removing any equipped challenges, perks, add-ons, offerings. Always ended up in an endless loading screen. Survivors have always been varied so no specific one are always in the lobby. PS4 w/Crossplay active.
    Раздел: Infinite Loading Screens Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 21 окт
  • Its pretty depressing. I left shortly after nemesis released for a break and decided to come back a few days back. Now I can't even play thanks to endless loading screens. I wouldn't be too fussed but I only have a couple hours a night to play and I don't want to spend 90% of it hoping that the next loading screen won't…
    Раздел: Console players getting screwed again. Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 21 окт
  • So TLDR: Midwitch and RPD suck, and Nurse and Bubba are unfair to play against? Because that's what I managed to get from the wall of text before it just melded into itself for me.
    Раздел: Play one leather face, you played them all Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 3 сен
  • Right? So many times I've had the same situation where I'm the one in the wrong for downing them both, despite the survivor just rushing the hook in my face. I mean, I had one earlier who tried to literally crouch walk behind me while I hooked the survivor to attempt to unhook right there and then, but I was the camper…
    Раздел: Lack of awareness=tunneling/camping Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 21 авг
  • Ohh, gotcha. Well if that's the case I'm still holding out hope for a custom Lisa and Cybil voice for when I use those 2.
    Раздел: Legendary Cosmetics will be finished by November Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 21 авг
  • Yeah I mean I've done that myself as Trickster to quickly restock my knives. Or I'll quickly make sure nobody is nearby to flashlight or pallet stun. It's just amazing they instantly go to 'OMG they're avoiding DS purposely'.
    Раздел: Lack of awareness=tunneling/camping Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 21 авг
  • Wait, I'm confused. Why would legendary skins just stop because Stranger Things is leaving? Silent Hill got them first, then Stranger Things and RE got some. I can't see them just stopping making them all together when people are still actively buying them since I'm always seeing them in games with me.
    Раздел: Legendary Cosmetics will be finished by November Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 21 авг
  • You're aware that was the joke right?
  • I saw this video earlier today and honestly laughed at the Huntress one. The fact they accused him of camping basement when they were literally hovering around it, and rushing down to save. I mean, what do they think is going to happen? Of course the killer is going to stay if someone floats around a hooked survivor. I've…
    Раздел: Lack of awareness=tunneling/camping Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 21 авг
  • I have no idea why it happens. At first I was using Lithe with it and just assumed it was that. I took it off and still got the issue so I don't know if it's bugged or it's linked to the lag. It's just super frustrating to have it happen mid-chase.
  • As killer just before Bloodlust kicks in I get a massive freeze, which lets the survivor gain massive distance because I've ended up walking in a straight line away from them. Anyone who Dead Hards or Lithes seems to freeze me up. I also seem to get random lag if someone across the map heals up too. Deathslinger seems to…
  • When I use him (PS4) it feels like the recoil is fighting against me more than it should. Compared to watching a PC player the recoil for them seems non-existent, but console feels like it's actually stopping you pulling back down at times
    Раздел: Why is Trickster so bad on console? Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 21 авг
  • I had the exact situation on Swamp last night. The survivors were being bulldozed badly while I was playing Nemesis, and one decided to just nope out and suicide hook. The remaining 3 then decided to hide at 5 gens. Now, I get that they were losing, and nobody likes being in a match like that, but hiding and holding a game…
    Раздел: Survivors holding the game hostage. Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 21 авг
  • I agree with this. The game has become a literal bully simulator for so many of my matches. I play both sides, and I see it from both sides, so neither one is innocent in all this of course, but it's so demoralizing to have it constantly. I used to love playing killer but the thought of even turning the game on stresses me…
  • Except they don't stay injured while infected. Infection is borderline useless regardless of remaining cures. It lets them be injured by zombies and the tentacle sure, but thats it. There is no actual downside to being infected, like Plagues sickness for example, which would eventually place you into Broken status.
    Раздел: Infection is kind of disappointing Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 18 авг
  • I think you need to learn to read friend. He said BILLY. HILLBILLY, not Bubba. And to assume he's just going to camp the survivors. Not all killers do that, so don't brush us all with the same tar here. Not every killer in the game is a sweaty tryhard as people try make out. Some of us just want to have fun in the game.
    Раздел: Pure unadulterated suffering. Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 18 авг
  • I'm probably the only one in existence for this but... Cat-Boy Jake. If that cosmetic ever released I'd buy it on every version of the game I own! I need more Jake cosmetics!
    Раздел: Where are all the cat and dog cosmetics at? Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 15 авг
  • Honestly, I love the FNAF series as a whole, but the recent teasers have shown how bad the obsession is. Personally, I don't care if it's Pinhead or Springtrap, it's new DLC, but its more annoying when the FNAF demanders are literally trying to put circles into a triangle basing everything on a single thing and basically…
    Раздел: Why do people hate the idea of Fnaf in the game? Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 15 авг
  • I mean, it's possible. The lore has already established that the Entity Realm is pulling survivors from our world, alongside alternate versions of it too. We've already seen that there's been a Yui that was a killer, and the Observer has mentioned seeing survivors become killers over time as they lose sanity. So who's to…
  • Running on a base PS4 and it's fixed. First match to try out new Trickster and I can now freely flash my knives without walking into 30 walls along the way. I did get a very minor freeze as survivor on RPD, but it was a literal split second when someone was downed but other than that it's running perfectly.
  • Moral of the story: Don't message anyone unless they message you, and even then only reply if they're being decent. I've had so many hate messages on PS4 over stupid reasons, the worst being someone spamming a single letter over and over so the notification kept appearing on my screen as if it would distract me. The only…
    Раздел: Not so Friendly Survivors Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 14 июл
  • AFAIK it's still enabled. I've seen it 5 times on Saturday night as both Survivor and Killer. The Fractured Shed feels like it never shows up for me now.
    Раздел: My First Match on Thompson House Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 12 июл
  • As long as there's an option to turn it off completely, I'd be happy with it. The last thing I'd want to hear is a kid or 'adult' calling me every slur in existence because of X reason in the middle of a match.
    Раздел: Perfect Idea for Fixing SWF Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 12 июл
  • Honestly, I find the bots hilarious to watch. I'm not sure if BHVR just programmed them this way, or they've 'learned' from Survivor data, but I had Bot-Claudette literally run at me, T-Bag as if she wanted me to heal her, then she proceeded to Self-Care in my face. Then Bot-Jake was being chased by Trapper where he drops…
  • The best one, and thankfully not game breaking, but just hilarious, was a Dwight I started chasing at the match start. He ended up downed beside a Gen that was blocked by Corrupt. I was about to pick him up when he DC's but his character suddenly stands up and works on the blocked gen. After about 30 seconds or so he…
  • The frame rate for me (PS4) has gotten that bad I've had to call it a day on the game until it's fixed. I forced myself to play enough to at least get 70 for the rift, only to hear them extend it the day after I finish. But the framerate drops are just becoming unbearable, especially during chases where I literally freeze…
  • I unlocked both by playing once as Frank I think. I was using the Never Stop Slashing body with the default mask, and both crowns have appeared for me. So it could be a technical glitch. I've seen a few people on Reddit mention they're missing crowns after finishing a match with the crown as killer.
    Раздел: How do I get legions other crown? Комментарий от Mikeasaurus 7 июл