Once upon a time people talked to people, people didn't text - what's coming next? The  generation of idiot accumulates....

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  • Equal preparations is the key word. If a Killer brings strong add-ons and an ebony mori while the Survivors bring nothing at all, those players didn't prepare equally for the match. Surely there are certain loadout that are strong than others but as Killer, having to rely on them to become somewhat even with the Survivors…
  • I think that's where it comes down to in the end; A Killer is mostly powerless when facing a good team of Survivors while good Survivors are always be in the power role - regardless of the Killer. The Killers power lies in utilizing the most from the mistakes the Survivors made. If they make no mistake, you can't apply…
  • Those stats surely are meaningful, especially when we consider that every 2nd match includes a DC, AFK, suicider and/or game-throwers. They used to split the results up in ranks, are those informations also available? It would be really nice if we actually had full transparency over such statistics - with more relevant…
    Раздел: The Devs when it comes to data Комментарий от PiiFree января 2021
  • From a totally non-biased point of view, I would say that these players are either tired and burned out of playing normally (for whatever reason) or they simply enjoy to play that way. Being a "retired" Killer main, plenty of times I've thought; "GODDAMN, that was an annoying match! Next match I swear I will facecamp…
  • She got her first two kills before all the 5 gens were done - and that is a problem? The entitlement is real, lol! From a Killers point of view in regards of time management, the first two kills should happen latest after 3 gens were done. If the Survivors are at 1 gen left and still 3 alife, you're done as Killer.
    Раздел: Bye bye iri head! Комментарий от PiiFree января 2021
  • Damn right, the ranking system is nothing but an indicator for the total playtime during a season. What always confused me is that the supposed "Skill Based Matchmaking" had no relation to the actual Ranking System - how does that make any sense? Not to mention that the Emblem System is contraproductive when we're talking…
    Раздел: About the failed "Skill Based Matchmaking" Комментарий от PiiFree января 2021
  • Thanks to all of you for the quick replies!
  • LMFAO! You realize that looks are completly subjective? But a good topic actually, because despite what society is trying to tell you; the look of a person DOES matter when you're looking for that partner. It may not matter for everyone as much but it DOES matter, always, in 100% of cases. Just sometimes more or less. But…
    Раздел: Rank DOES matter Комментарий от PiiFree августа 2020
  • PRETTY GOOD JOB SO FAR! The story repeats... Over and over again... They always manage to mess up more than previously and at that point that's actually quite hard to do,,, Well done BHVR! LOL the guy above. Not even a full week into it and they already are working to address it. That is a very fast response in my opinion.…
    Раздел: Scott brings up a fair point. Комментарий от PiiFree августа 2020
  • Pic or it didn't happen.
    Раздел: MMR looks like it's working for me Комментарий от PiiFree августа 2020
  • Rank either matters or it doesn't matter. If it SOMETIMES matter then that still means Rank matters. If you never get drunk but SOMETIMES you get drunk, that still means you get drunk... SOMETIMES. But whatever, I believe that you are too confused to be worthy to discuss this matter because as I said, you constantly…
    Раздел: Rank DOES matter Комментарий от PiiFree августа 2020
  • Couldn't you make it sound a bit more biased? It sounds almost as if you're a Killer main!
    Раздел: Do red rank killers win every game? Комментарий от PiiFree августа 2020
  • Looks really good but one question, can we trade the Megs? I'm a bit tired of mine but she's a good girl I promise!
  • You realize that your whole post is a shitload of contradictions?
    Раздел: Rank DOES matter Комментарий от PiiFree августа 2020
  • I always said Victory Cube was better than this Emblem farming simulator. I am very curious how exactly the current system works because I have absolutely no explanation for all the unfair matches we keep getting even after 50 matches. And yea, anyone saying that played on Rank 1 knows that it's a whole different level…
    Раздел: Rank DOES matter Комментарий от PiiFree августа 2020
  • Rank 1 and Rank 20 can be in the same skill level but 4 hours vs 4000 hours CAN'T BE ON THE SAME SKILL LEVEL, yet they still get matched together several matches in a row. There's people here showing several different matches as low rank potato Killer against full red ranks and the other way around.
  • Oh, you're that classy "doesn't happen to me so it can't be true" guys. Tell me, Sherlock, how does the system work? How do you justify people ACTUALLY being new (people that don't know how to hit skill checks, don't know that Hillbilly chainsaw can oneshot,..) being matched against people with thousands of hours? One guy…
    Раздел: I have no words for this... Комментарий от PiiFree августа 2020
  • I have 2000 hours in this game and been playing 4 hours a day, every single match looks like this. No offense but you must be insane if you think people with 10-30 hours against 4000 hours Killers is justified. You can check my steam account before claiming such nonsense you have absolutely no idea of. Pathetic to excuse…
    Раздел: I have no words for this... Комментарий от PiiFree августа 2020
  • Tru3 is incredibly entertaining to me because he is almost constantly complaining about something to justify the outcome of a match - or at least that's what it feels like. It's actually hilarious and I am really not sure if he's serious or just playing his role as Tru3. It's pure entertaining to me and I don't even mean…
  • It's not a win-win situation at all. These discussions would be so much better if the people had at least some basic knowledge about the game. Hint: Killers "Chaser" Emblem. Rings a bell?
    Раздел: Should we report Hook-tech? Комментарий от PiiFree февраля 2020
  • Top Tier Nurse btw. If that's top tier then I'm actually godlike.
    Раздел: Give me one good reason why... Комментарий от PiiFree февраля 2020
  • Fun fact: Peanuts sounds like "Pii nuts"
    Раздел: Fun fact about Peanits Комментарий от PiiFree февраля 2020
  • What if something happens outside of my control (e.g. Internet outages)? Penalties will start off small enough that the occasional outage should not be noticeable; your timer should be gone by the time your Internet comes back on, for example. If you are losing connection frequently, please be sure to resolve your issue as…
    Раздел: DC penalty after crashes. Комментарий от PiiFree февраля 2020
  • High rank Killers are generally more skilled than high rank Survivors. It's a lot easier to rank up as Survivor and you can easily get boosted to red ranks while being an absolute potato at the game. High rank Killers don't just end up in high rank, they need the skill to reach that rank. High rank Survivor =/= High skill…
  • The only thing these stats show is that most Survivors play like potatoes, that's it. Every single Killer has above 60% kill rate even though some of them are actually hot garbage.
  • Allow me to ask a few question, do you consider disconnects as kills in that case? And additionally, do you consider matches with disconnects when you make such analysis? I know from the past (Freddy) that you in fact considered disconnects as kills and that you counted unfair matches with disconnects for such statistics -…
    Раздел: Spirit kills= devs nerf Комментарий от PiiFree ноября 2019
  • I'm sure he was talking about themselves and not about you *looks at 4 DS* :-)
  • Developers like to call this "improved performance" :-)
  • I don't want to play with console scrubs... PC MASTERRACE!
    Раздел: Crossplay question in the survey Комментарий от PiiFree мая 2019
  • Nope, still can't see her... I think I'm going to start a new thread in the OT section; "Where's Blendette?" Funny idea, searching for claudis.
    Раздел: Spot the Blendette Комментарий от PiiFree апреля 2019