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  • just got into a game where i loaded with 3 rank 16-20 survivors and a rank 10 killer. how does this add up plz? i’m rank 1. i thought this matchmaking business was fixed but it still isn’t, wow lol
  • i main Laurie, but i’m talking about her default model. she could look better. i also do like her newest outfit, though it looks more like a troll toxic outfit more than anything lmao
    Раздел: licensed cosmetics Комментарий от danara февраля 2020
  • hopefully this means more outfits for Laurie and Michael to come now, can’t wait to see even more outfits for the pair! as did I, ahaha
    Раздел: Laurie mains rejoice Комментарий от danara октября 2019
  • that’s the point i am making, dedicated servers aren’t on consoles yet so why is it that we’ve been affected with all these bugs, lag and errors when a patch ago everything was fine and we were still P2P hosting?
    Раздел: servers Комментарий от danara октября 2019
  • just woke up and can confirm - i am not surprised at all. 😂 i feel bad for those people who booked time off in order to grind it out, must suck there’s a massive reoccurring pattern in delays with everything in dead by delaylight recently lol
    Раздел: Withering Blight event postponed... Комментарий от danara октября 2019
  • it’s so bad as a ps4 player. constantly waiting 30+ mins to get into a game and when you do, you disconnect as you load in another one is where you ready up, about to connect to a lobby then as it loads it just resets and you have to ready up and find another lobby straight away. hair glitch bugs as you said, multiple…
    Раздел: Consoles - Why do the Dev's not care Комментарий от danara октября 2019
  • i’ve had multiple crashes and errors aswell on ps4 today, the waiting time for survivors are ridiculous right now and even worse than before the patch launched for some reason. i’m also seeing no progress on the matchmaking as i’m still being matched with some rank 15-16, i’m currently rank 9.
    Раздел: Ps4 performance Комментарий от danara сентября 2019
  • they mentioned in the patch notes in art/design that they have retextured more hairstyles for survivors, Laurie being one of them. Quentin also seems to have some qol changes to his face and doesn’t look as drugged anymore. if you scroll down enough on reddit you should find it, there’s a post on it
    Раздел: oof those skins Комментарий от danara сентября 2019
  • you can find them on the dbd reddit page
    Раздел: oof those skins Комментарий от danara сентября 2019
  • until dawn with sam as a survivor and wendigo killer.
  • i was thinking that too. the same way there’s billy and leatherface, ghostface and myers etc. and yeah sam is definetely the best out of all the girls. i find all the rest so bitchy and whiny
    Раздел: until dawn Комментарий от danara августа 2019
  • and a lot of people agree with me on my post. so what are you trying to say? if you can’t handle a post on these forums and you’re going to come in just to say ‘u qq learn2loop’ you sound like a hypocrite yourself. you sure you’re not the child here?
    Раздел: dear solo players Комментарий от danara августа 2019
  • ok mr i’ve never been on the hook before, lets be realistic everyones been on a hook if you’re playing this game. and yes, i do know how to loop thank you very much. stop being hurt just because a perk you run is garbage, just be real and accept it lol self care was a good perk before the nerf. not anymore
    Раздел: dear solo players Комментарий от danara августа 2019
  • you sound bitter, re-read the thread and realise a majority of the people are saying self-care is a complete waste of time. it really makes me laugh seeing the amount of people self-caring whilst on hook or with empathy/bond
    Раздел: dear solo players Комментарий от danara августа 2019
  • usually spirit is the most common that i see, can vary though. i used to see a lot of billy too in the past but haven’t seen much of him for a couple few months, which is a shame as i find him very fun to go against. hag/myers too sometimes.
    Раздел: PS4 red rank survivors!!! Комментарий от danara августа 2019
  • games go on long enough even without the use of self-care, the point i am making is that self-care makes it even longer. and just so you know the perk gives you nothing to pip either. you can use the perk all you like, after all the developers did put it in the game for a reason. however like that other person said, maybe…
    Раздел: dear solo players Комментарий от danara августа 2019
  • it’s not as easy as i stated, that’s true. which is why i said to learn how to handle a chase injured. if many more survivors learn how, the problem of ‘omg, i’m injured! must instantly go to a corner and do nothing but self care for 32 seconds’ wouldn’t be a problem every time you get hit. fact of the matter is self-care…
    Раздел: dear solo players Комментарий от danara августа 2019
  • i play for fun, fact of the matter is you really do win by escaping. believe me i enjoy getting chased more than anything else survivor side. half the time i’m THAT survivor running the killer for minutes whilst my team are all busy self-caring in the corner. understand now?
    Раздел: dear solo players Комментарий от danara августа 2019
  • not telling them to play that way at all, just letting people know you will lose over half your games if you play the entire match as a self-care bot. some people really can’t stand being injured for longer than 5 seconds. that’s fine though, just waste 32 precious seconds whilst someone else is in a chase. like the other…
    Раздел: dear solo players Комментарий от danara августа 2019
  • Laurie looks like a crazy cat lady and Quentin looks like he injects...lol
    Раздел: Any information on Quentin/Laurie Комментарий от danara июля 2019
  • Could someone let me know if they’ve updated Lauries hairstyles? I’d be very disappointed if they didn’t as her default one makes her look like a crazy cat woman lol. Or if they have could anyone kindly post it ☺️ Thanks
    Раздел: Redesigned Hairstyles - Any More? Комментарий от danara июня 2019
  • Yeah just seen that they do look really good
    Раздел: Licensed Cosmetics Комментарий от danara мая 2019
  • Currently at purple rank, I used to always be red ranks before they changed the pipping system. I don’t have enough time to get back to red ranks but find myself getting matched with green-yellow ranks a lot but some of these games tilt me. I had a legion match with thana-ruin and he was literally just tunnelling and…
    Раздел: Body blocking Комментарий от danara апреля 2019
  • Her injured moaning is worse than Laurie
    Раздел: Why Do People HATE Fengmin? Комментарий от danara апреля 2019
  • I think it would be a nice idea to switch character so up a bit, people are saying that it would switch up the meta to only claudettes/jake etc which is true, but in reality the game is already filled with Claudettes everywhere. Yes there are meta sheep who will use whichever survivor has the best bonus but you have to…
    Раздел: Adding incentives to play ALL survivors Комментарий от danara апреля 2019
  • Meg is bae, more cosmetics please.
    Раздел: Stop giving Meg so much cosmetics! Комментарий от danara апреля 2019
  • Thanks for the advice! I guess it’s true and I’ll just have to do option 3, finding another survivor to down which should be fairy easy as Myers. I just need to try my best not to tunnel vision onto them but that’s on me to become a better killer.
    Раздел: Infinites Комментарий от danara апреля 2019
  • I’ll always play Myers but yeah I understand I suppose the correct play would have been to collect all my stalk off him, leave him and down another survivor on the opposite side of the map just so they’re forced to leave the infinite area
    Раздел: Infinites Комментарий от danara апреля 2019
  • Meg and Myers. I enjoy playing some Kate too once in a while.
    Раздел: Who do you main? (Both sides) Комментарий от danara апреля 2019
  • Yeah I can imagine it’s good on him, maybe I should use that perk but still leaning towards the other two to help me in chase. Does anyone think Brutal Strength would be better over Enduring seeing as when you’re tiering up I’ll just stalk as they throw the pallet down or would Enduring still be more efficient?
    Раздел: Myers Комментарий от danara апреля 2019