The PTB has been re-enabled. To those affected, we'll be sending out a large sum of Bloodpoints shortly for you to spend as you please. These Bloodpoints do not transfer back to the Live version of the game.

Your Live progress has not been affected by what happens on the PTB.


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  • Facecamping Bubba. Completely sucks the life out of the trial.
    Раздел: THE most Unhealthy Killer of DbD Комментарий от edgarpoop 13:52
  • I was predominantly a Spirit player for a long time, but I found Nurse more fun as I improved, and I was constantly running into 4x Iron Will after the Stridor nerf
    Раздел: Have you ever changed your main and if so why? Комментарий от edgarpoop 13:44
  • I really wish I could blacklist players for that reason. The fact that they did that twice without BT against a Leatherface instead of focusing gens.... Probably wasn't even malicious, but still. Game sense is don't.
  • I bring this up a lot, but tile orientation is often overlooked. The jungle gym in the back of the picture needs to turn 90 degrees. The survivor makes the jungle gym pallet no matter which way the killer goes around the car, and the car tile actually has two long sides because of the guard rail to the survivor's right.…
    Раздел: Way, way too many pallets in this game Комментарий от edgarpoop 28 июн
  • It's not really clear why they haven't done more to address camping. Camping in and of itself is fine if survivors have the information to effectively play around it. It's pretty bad game design when you're relying on perks and teammate loadouts (that you can't communicate) to balance the mechanic, while at the same time…
  • Just kill the bloodweb entirely. It's way too time consuming. Give us a BP market so we can buy things we actually want. I'd never spend a single BP on 90% of the things in this game if I had the choice. I don't even grind to hit Iri 1 on both sides anymore partly because 2 million BP is a form of punishment.
    Раздел: Automatic bloodwebs, please Комментарий от edgarpoop 28 июн
  • Blight would like a word, but otherwise I agree. I think the hesitancy on BHVR'S end comes from how mechanically demanding an S tier killer usually is. Console Nurse and Blight aren't pretty. And every other S tier killer that was more simple had to be changed because they were horrible to play against (see Spirit).…
    Раздел: Could a future we get killer S tier ? Комментарий от edgarpoop 28 июн
  • Yeah, Sadako is pretty painful. There are a depressing number of killers on the roster that basically have no power if the survivors are really good
  • The devs have stated numerous times that very few are at "high MMR". Losing games or encountering better players does not mean someone has reached high MMR.
  • That's if they stay at the loop though. No reason stay. Not denying that it works. It's why I clarified my statement
    Раздел: The Dredge needs huge buffs Комментарий от edgarpoop 27 июн
  • He's way too slow when using his remnant at loops. Basically doesn't have a chase power against good players. All you have to do is run to the next tile when he leaves his remnant.
    Раздел: The Dredge needs huge buffs Комментарий от edgarpoop 27 июн
  • I think people overreact quite a bit. She ignores mechanics that aren't useful against her to begin with, but other things are useful against Nurse that aren't useful against other killers. And even then, she's not ignoring vaults and pallets per se, they're just used in a completely different manner against Nurse. It's…
    Раздел: Nurse Bottleneck? Комментарий от edgarpoop 27 июн
  • Quite a few. A huge portion of the comp scene is under 18 and can't actually get paid for wins.
    Раздел: Are there many kids playing this game? Комментарий от edgarpoop 27 июн
  • Wouldn't say they're the worst. There are many M1 contenders that are all really bad. But you're only really going to feel that at higher MMR when matchmaking is actually working. It really doesn't matter who you pick if you play well unless you get an all soft-capped lobby.
    Раздел: Legion Is Still The Worst Killer In The Game Комментарий от edgarpoop 26 июн
  • The bonuses should just be baked into the base game. Kill the grind completely and let people just enjoy the content they've purchased the way they want. Also, rework the bloodweb so people aren't constantly forced to purchase things they don't want or will never use. Annoyance and inconvenience are not features in 2022
    Раздел: It is Mistake to Remove BP Stacks from WGLF & BBQ Комментарий от edgarpoop 26 июн
  • He's the best M1 killer IMO. I think the mistake a lot of players make is overusing his chain in chase. Should only go for high percentage chain hits that have a chance to be productive. Long range or curved shots have very little upside if they land and a huge downside if you miss
    Раздел: Pinhead is an absolutely amazing killer Комментарий от edgarpoop 26 июн
  • Nah. Team usually gets at least 2 out unless it's an absolutely insane Nurse.
  • I wouldn't say he's hard to play. He just has a hard ceiling on how well he'll do. Pretty much doesn't have a chase power against really good survivors. Similar to Sadako in that respect. Survivors will hold W away from your remnant and survivor are faster when you're charging your teleport/remnant. Enter a loop, place…
  • Dredge is really creepy. Just wish they were actually good.
    Раздел: The Dregededgedge Freaks Me Out Комментарий от edgarpoop 25 июн
  • +1 for Condemned changes. I've been playing her since release and have yet to use her special mori.
    Раздел: BHVR - Do you have any plans for Sadako? Комментарий от edgarpoop 24 июн
  • Reduce the cooldown on TVs and reduce or remove the speed reduction on demanifest/manifest. That would buff her quite a bit. I get a lot of hits off of her passive phasing mindgames, but I lose too much distance setting it up at times. Also, having the chase music play when she's demanifested defeats the purpose of stealth
    Раздел: BHVR - Do you have any plans for Sadako? Комментарий от edgarpoop 24 июн
  • The crossplay icon attic wifi while the whole family is on Netflix add-on
  • The only way to lessen camping is to give survivors tools to play optimally around it. The nerf to Pain Res addresses the no-win situation the perk put survivors in: stand next to the gen until the killer hooks or continue on the gen, scream to reveal your location, and possibly proc DMS.
  • It becomes an issue when you get really good RNG with your totem spawn and gen layout. This is more of a top level play nerf to Ruin. You pretty much can't lose the game as a killer if your totem spawns in a fairly tight 3 or 4 gen and you camp a hook near the totem.
    Раздел: Ruin disabling itself might be fair? Комментарий от edgarpoop 24 июн
  • Honestly, the only changes I'd really like to see are opponent ping and the map. Give me a chance to not play if you're going to give me Lery's on Nurse or RPD on any killer. And give me a chance to not play if my opponent has McDonald's wifi ping (or finally make it so having terrible connection isn't an advantage)
  • That creates a problem rather than fixing one. It completely defeats the purpose of such a system when there's functionally no difference between a 500 hr casual killer and a 4000 hr 4x slowdown warlord.
    Раздел: Killer Kill Rates.... Комментарий от edgarpoop 24 июн
  • It doesn't mean MMR/SBMM isn't working. It means that kill rates aren't where they'd like them to be when the system is working. That's the whole point of having such a system. It shows where the balance of the game is when players of similar skill are matched against each other.
    Раздел: Killer Kill Rates.... Комментарий от edgarpoop 24 июн
  • It probably doesn't matter if queues are at that point. It would already most likely be pulling from close to the max allowable range. It would just say "hey there is a bonus" and determine the bonus after the fact depending on which bracket you filled
  • I'd say one simple killer like Wraith or Myers along with Nurse. I say Nurse because the best way to understand her mechanics is to play her.
  • I only ever see Spirit with MDR/Cherry Blossom. Or the AI bot, but that's another story. I get why they present data the way they do. They could make it more granular, but it would probably show problems they're aware of and not trying to fix. I think it would be interesting more than anything just to see a census more or…