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  • I call it minding my own damn business. "No MR evangelical I am not interested in going towards the light."
  • I feel that PinHead is a pretty fair killer all around. I would definitely say that Ghostface and Legion are in a higher priority for buffs over PinHead.
    Раздел: Buff Pinhead Комментарий от konchok 19 янв
  • I can respect that
  • Let's be honest here for a minute. Blight does not have synergy with most perks. And has amazing synergy with ruin/pop/tinkerer , it's not that I disagree that the build isn't boring but at least offer an alternative build. And believe me I've tried. What are you going to run? A stealth perk or one of the many perks that…
  • It's not great but it's also not terrible. If anything your build tells me that you're not confident in using Blight's ability. Compound 33 as good as it is is a sign that you're not confident in your ability to track, the rose tonic says tells me that you're having a hard time repositioning after landing a hit. Monitor…
  • I've said this before and I'll say it a million times. We need to know what our MMRs are so that we can provide useful feedback to BHVR. MMR has been off the tracks for several months now. It's no longer giving the competitive matches like when it was new. But no one can actually provide any evidence other than gut feeling…
    Раздел: The game thinks my killer MMR is way too high Комментарий от konchok 19 янв
  • I don't think Blight is safe. Blight is a character that they've been adjusting almost constantly since he's come out. I think they'll continue to make adjustments.
  • There are killers that can prevent unhooks. There is Bubba, which I'm sure you know all about ;) and then there's PinHead with his iri add-on, or trickster or Huntress. Honestly I feel that it's a fair point. Tunneling and camping are incredibly effective strategies. Watch the VOD that OhTofu put out where he did the wait…
    Раздел: tired of getting babysat Комментарий от konchok 12 янв
  • Instead of a 25 percent instant progress when falling from a drop, how about a 25 percent instant progress from the first body block from a team mate in a match. This means that multiple survivors blocking wouldn't stack or if you went down multiple times and had survivor block each time the bonus is only granted the first…
    Раздел: Boil over buff is a wrong move and you know it Комментарий от konchok 12 янв
  • Send a video of you only using her traps in creative ways. Basic rules, use a mic and explain each trap. You need to explain why you placed the trap and what your plan is with that trap. Do not teleport to traps that are triggered if you did not specifically plan for them to occur.
    Раздел: Thoughts on Hag? Комментарий от konchok 12 янв
  • I watch Tofu do the challenge until Legion (which is when I went to bed), he got a 4k in every match. Most matches he won easily some, he only just barely won. I think that the test shows 2 things. You can win as killer as long as you're good enough and sweaty enough. There are very very few death squads that are…
    Раздел: No Perk AFK Killer Challenge. Комментарий от konchok 12 янв
  • Absolutely not. Everything does not boil down to whataboutism. Whataboutism is a defined logical fallacy with very specific characteristics.
  • Welcome to the forums, where the only arguments that are valid are "Buts BHVR, Whataboutsssssssssssss"
  • My hispanic friend, Jesus.
  • we'll see what happens when it goes live. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it did make it to live. If it goes live though the artist will become the most hated killer
  • I've felt for a very long time that DBD has been killer sided. It's actually getting better and boons went a long way towards creating a real balance between killer and survivor. However, there is one thing that's undeniably true. Survivor and Killer are balanced only when killers are playing in a very unfun way. When they…
    Раздел: DBD is balanced. Matchmaking is not. Комментарий от konchok 9 янв
  • I do feel like MMR should pay attention to streaks, either winning streaks or losing streaks and adjust accordingly. It should also be easy enough to ignore matches where the killer is just afk and then just ignore those altogether.
    Раздел: 30 Losses on Nurse Комментарий от konchok 8 янв
  • Here's the line I draw on toxicity. Are the players (whether killer or survivor) trying to win or going out of their way to be abusive. Even an action that is unfun like getting slugged is not toxic unless the killer is not trying to win but rather trying to be annoying. Here are some things that I've seen that are toxic…
    Раздел: Is it toxic for Survivors to play to win? Комментарий от konchok 7 янв
  • If there's one post that I would make every dbd developer and player read it's this post. It does such a good job at busting myths and lays out exactly where the current shortcomings are.
    Раздел: Busting some hit registration myths Комментарий от konchok 7 янв
  • This , this, this. Here's the thing. I still feel like MMR is better than what we had before MMR, I suspect that your MMR swings wildly like what BadLooperQ was saying, but again this is speculation, if we could see our MMR then rather than just speculating MMR swings we would know that and we could then ask BHVR to…
  • The switching of obsessions is the only reason to run this perk and that does nothing for this perk, it has to be run with something else or a killer that has obsession specific mechanics *cough*Michael Myers*cough*
  • Let's be clear, and feel free to look through my history if you don't believe me. I have in these forums advocated for reducing Blight to a 4.4 meter killer from a 4.6 m/s killer. However, don't go mixing 2 unrelated issues together. If you feel that Blight should be nerfed than create a discussion about Blight getting…
    Раздел: Clown nerf, but nothing to blight? lmao Комментарий от konchok 6 янв
  • What an overreaction. And let's be clear about something. As long as killers have unfair add-ons they can't receive buffs because it skews the stats. Pinky finger nerf is needed because it skews Clowns stats to the point where he looks balanced. Michael has the same problem. Fixing Pinky finger paves the way to future…
    Раздел: Record-breaking survivor sidedness Комментарий от konchok 5 янв
  • It was pretty good up until the end. Then you started putting phrases where the guy was laughing and that didn't work well at all.
    Раздел: For the people upset over the recent PTB Patch notes Комментарий от konchok 5 янв
  • That would literally remove the one useful portion of the perk which is the ability to change obsessions. So while it would make the perk more consistent I think that that would be a bad idea.
  • I would say to anyone who says that killer is at a disadvantage to watch Otz's most recent video. His community conducted a number of tests with the best killers and survivors using all the most oppressive ######### possible on both sides and what they found was that the game is actually balanced. If killers use every…
    Раздел: The State of killer right now is Abysmal...... Комментарий от konchok 5 янв
  • Survivor perks are not pay to win at all. Killer perks definitely are. Feel free to let me know what perk you feel is needed to counter these strats that you don't have access to.
    Раздел: so i looked at the game rules... Here's what I found Комментарий от konchok 4 янв
  • Astro, you're giving away just how green your DBD horns really are. DBD is balanced when and only when both survivors and killers play as efficiently and scummy as possible. If them playing scummy is enough to completely trounce you, then you're just not that good. Tunneling and camping and even proxy camping all have…
    Раздел: so i looked at the game rules... Here's what I found Комментарий от konchok 4 янв
  • Why was this not obvious to you already. Camping and Tunneling are in game names for legitimate if somewhat distasteful strategies. It's not like they're cheating.
    Раздел: so i looked at the game rules... Here's what I found Комментарий от konchok 4 янв